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Kirk's calm demeanor wasn't any indication of how he felt. He was angry
and exhausted after spending days in a cold cell on a Klingon spaceship.
He and Spock had gone with very little food and barely enough water for
close to a week.

Spock didn't seem overly concerned walking beside Kirk, although the
Vulcan was tied and had a disrupter aimed between his shoulder blades.


He and Spock had been captured while trying to find A'sharon, their
leader. Going in alone hadn't been the smartest thing they'd ever done,
Kirk admitted. Their questions had alerted A'sharon's underdogs, and the
Enterprise probably had no way of finding them. Their communicators were
gone and the impatient Klingon guards who had practically herded them
out of the battlecruiser pushed them into an underground building,
resembling a stone fortress from Deneb II.

The building was huge, covered with natural rock, and the Klingon
hideout was virtually undetectable from the surface. Kirk realized that
A'sharon's operation must be much larger than even Starfleet had
suspected. Going after this man with a single starship had been insane,
even if the ship was the Enterprise.

"Stop," a harsh voice commanded. Kirk's musings were interrupted and he
halted, but not soon enough. The Klingon behind him pulled mercilessly
at his shackles. Kirk tried not to flinch as the iron bands around his
wrists buried into his already bruised and tender flesh.

Kirk could see the other muscular Klingon forcing Spock to his knees.
Even the Vulcan wasn't strong enough to break free from his bonds, and
what good would it do if he did? Kirk met Spock's eyes, and he knew they
were in agreement.

Kirk, too, was forced down, and he bit back a moan as his sore knees hit
the hard stone floor. He nearly lost his balance. Anger rose, but he
forced it away. This was no time to let his feelings take control. He
could get both himself and Spock killed if he wasn't careful.

A deep voice reached them, and Kirk tried not to let his surprise show
when he realized the truth.

"Ah, Captain Kirk of the starship Enterprise. It's a pleasure to meet

The mocking voice could only belong to A'sharon, and Kirk lifted his
head to meet the eyes of the one in charge of the largest Golden Dust
operation in the quadrant. He nearly cursed aloud. No wonder they'd been
unable to find the Klingon leader. For months they had worked under the
assumption that the head of the quvQu sect was a male. But here she was,
tall and remarkably beautiful-for a Klingon. Her hair was black and
shiny, and her body had a slender but muscular build that appealed to
him. But the beauty was cold, and no mercy could be seen in her steely
eyes. Looking into them, Kirk knew there was no way this woman would let
them go. Her cold gaze lingered on Kirk for a moment before she moved on
to assess his first officer.

"And Spock of Vulcan, Kirk's ever-present shadow. I'm thrilled to meet
you both. A pity our acquaintance will be so short."

Kirk bit his lip, physically forcing back his angry response.

"But I will allow you to amuse me for a time before you die." A'sharon
bared her teeth in an insinuating smile, and her long, black curls
danced when she laughed. Kirk's eyes narrowed.

"What are you going to do to us?" He couldn't stop the question before
it spilled over his lips.

"Oh, I don't know," A'sharon replied casually. "Humans are such weak
creatures. You will not endure torture for long. I will have to find
some other use for you."

She paced back and forth in front of them, lithe and tall even for a
Klingon female. Despite her slender build, Kirk was conscious of the
power she harbored. She was Klingon, and she was a warrior. He would not
make the mistake of underestimating her. She walked like a jungle cat,
and she was equally dangerous.

"A Vulcan might prove more entertaining," she purred as she stopped in
front of Spock, who was staring above her shoulder. The smile
disappeared from her lips as she addressed the Klingon officers behind
them. "Guards. Put them in the holding cell below. That will keep them
subdued and make them more cooperative. I have to decide what I shall do
with them."

Kirk winced as he was lifted to his feet. The guards forced them to walk
again, this time through another door behind A'sharon's U-shaped desk.
They stepped into a corridor leading deeper into the complex. The
Klingons' boots echoed eerily on the stone floor, their pace increasing,
and he and Spock had difficulty keeping up. The Vulcan stumbled, and
Kirk wanted to reach out to steady him, but with his hands bound before
him there was no way he could. Kirk saw the same concern for his welfare
in Spock's eyes, and despite the gravity of their situation, Kirk
couldn't help but smile. They were a pair, weren't they? Always looking
out for one another.

Kirk tried to memorize where the guards took them. At first to the right
and then through a long corridor until they reached a turbolift. He only
got a glimpse of the panel before the guards shoved them inside and
pressed a series of buttons. Of course-the turbolift was encoded.


Reaching their destination took several minutes, even for the high-speed
lift. The guards pushed Spock through the door. Kirk heard the groan of
pain from the Vulcan as he hit the ground. Then Kirk was pushed inside
as well, and the air was knocked out of him when he fell.

It was pitch dark.

It was wet.

Kirk drew a deep breath and closed his eyes before opening them again.
There was no difference. It was still pitch dark and wet. Breathing
heavily, he realized how very weak he was, and he knew that if they were
going to escape they would have to act quickly. Soon neither he nor
Spock would have the strength required.

"It appears they are in no need of guards down here," Spock said.

"M-hmm," Kirk replied. The darkness didn't seem so absolute anymore. His
eyes were getting used to it, and he could see the contours of Spock's

"The light must be coming from somewhere," Kirk pointed out.


"Let's find out."

Together they moved, slowly and very carefully, through the darkness.
Kirk was grateful for Spock's presence. Feeling the Vulcan's shoulder
brush against his was a familiar comfort. There was no one he would
rather be in this situation with.

It soon became clear to Kirk, as they neared a source of light, that
they were inside some kind of subterranean dungeon. It had to be
situated far underneath A'sharon's fortress.

The further they went, the lighter it became. Water trickled down the
walls, gathering at the base of the wall in a small stream. At least
they wouldn't be thirsty. They followed the water, and soon they were
standing at an entrance covered by a thin waterfall. The smell of
moisture was unpleasant.

"What the hell?" Kirk frowned. "A'sharon would never put us here if
there was a way out."

"No," Spock agreed. "This would appear a too easy way out of our
confinement. I would assume something prevents us from using this exit."

"Maybe she thinks we can't swim with our hands tied? Most Klingons don't
swim very well. The water looks deep enough.." Kirk peered through the
sheet of water, the image he got was blurry, but it was clear that the
opening led outside.

Spock moved closer and lifted his eyebrows.

"The water does look deep, but that would not be a problem for either of

"No," Kirk said. "It can't be that."

"One moment," Spock cautioned. The Vulcan's eyes narrowed and he
appeared to be deep in thought.


Spock fell to his knees and ducked his head through the waterfall. Kirk
followed, feeling the lukewarm water pour over him. Behind the veil of
water was a large pond-almost a lake-surrounded by high mountains. The
landscape was barren and stony, but it wouldn't be impossible to get out
of the water on the other side of the pond. There had to be another
catch. He watched as the Vulcan quickly dipped his head into the stream
and pulled out in the space of a heartbeat. As soon as Spock retreated,
the surface bubbled violently, and beneath, Kirk could see silvery fish
gathering quickly.

Spock shook his head free of the water before he spoke.

"I assume you have heard of the Earth creature known as the piranha?"

He looked like a drenched, very unhappy feline. Under any other
circumstances, Kirk would have laughed, but their current situation was
hardly a laughing matter.

"Yes, they're fish."

"That is correct," Spock said.

"Are you telling me there are piranhas in the water?"

"Negative," Spock said, and Kirk felt instant relief, but then he
remembered his first officer's way of often discovering even more dire
circumstances. He wasn't disappointed.

"Still, I suggest we avoid the water. If I remember correctly there is a
fish indigenous to several planets in the Klingon Empire that resembles
the piranha. They gather in large groups when an animal enters the water
and they, like piranhas, strip it of flesh within moments."

"And what else?" Kirk sighed. He just knew there had to be more.

"These fish are extremely poisonous, which means that even in small
numbers they are lethal."

"As long as they don't have legs and come crawling into the dungeon with
us," Kirk muttered as he reluctantly turned from the opening.

"They do not."

"Thank you for the reassurance, Mr. Spock."

They returned to the underground corridors. At least there it wasn't as
dark as it had been by the turbolift.

"We're both wet, Spock, and it's not warm enough in here for a Vulcan.
You must be freezing."

"I have to admit, the ambient temperature is quite uncomfortable.
However, I saw no other solution if I were to find out if the water was
safe to enter," Spock pointed out.

"Did it ever occur to you that I could have checked?" Kirk's voice was

Spock's face went blank as if the thought had not even crossed his mind.

"All right, there's no reason to argue about it. What's done is done."

Spock followed one step behind his captain, as was his habit. They found
their way back to the lift and decided to look around a little more.

"I suggest we stay together, Captain. We cannot know what we might find
in this structure. Some of the Klingon fauna is even less appealing than
the tarHo fish."

Kirk nodded. They had no weapons, no communicators, not even a
tricorder, and with their hands tied there wasn't much they could do if
they were attacked. If they stayed together, their chances of survival,
and escape, would increase.

What they found was something he should have expected, but hadn't.


They found three of them, completely stripped of flesh. If Kirk were to
guess how these beings had died, he would have thought starvation. Water
was obviously not a problem. A'sharon had simply "forgotten" these
people and left them to die. Would he and Spock meet the same fate?

"It appears A'sharon uses this dungeon frequently," Spock said dryly.
"It also appears that she is not particular about how she kills her

"Let's get away from here. We should try and find the most comfortable

Together they searched the underground corridors. They found one area
where the ground was covered with sand, and it provided a better place
than the hard rock floor around the turbolift. They sat beside each
other with their backs to the rock wall.

"We should get out of these wet shirts." Kirk could see the faint
tremors running through the Vulcan's body. "We have to share body heat,"
he explained patiently. "If you allow me, I will do my very best to get
you out of that shirt, and then you can do the same for me."

Spock seemed reluctant and Kirk attributed his hesitation to the fact
that they would have to touch. Kirk was one of the few people Spock
allowed to touch him, but this might be more than the Vulcan could
tolerate, even from his captain.

Spock wouldn't meet his eyes.

"Listen, Spock. We have to do this or you'll be very uncomfortable.
You'll freeze, and in the condition we're both in, we have to avoid

Spock still didn't respond, and anger and hurt rose in Kirk. "It's me.
I'm your friend, remember?" he said impatiently. He put a hand on
Spock's shoulder.

"Very well, Captain," Spock finally said. "Proceed."

The Vulcan turned his back to Kirk, who pulled the black undershirt out
of Spock's pants. It was strangely intimate and the moment was drawn
out, since it was difficult to work with tied hands. Of course, he
couldn't take the shirt off the Vulcan completely, but at least the wet
garment would be out of the way.

The situation was more awkward than Kirk had expected. It was as if
Spock wasn't really there.

"Thank God they didn't tie our hands behind us," Kirk said, trying to
lighten the mood: it didn't help much as Spock didn't answer. He simply
waited while Kirk pulled the tunic as far down his arms as possible.
Finally it lay about the Vulcan's wrists in a wet heap.

"Your turn," Kirk said uneasily, and turned his back to the Vulcan. It
was even more complicated for Spock to help him with his own shirt in
the way.

Fortunately for Kirk, the temperature in the cave was rather comfortable
for humans. He sat on the cave floor awkwardly and leaned against the
wall. Then he spread his legs.

"All right, Mr. Spock. Sit between my legs and lean against me."

Again, Spock hesitated, but at the impatient look from his captain, he
did as ordered. Kirk nearly chuckled at the stiffness in Spock's body.
The Vulcan sat, straight as a steel rod, refusing to relax. Kirk lifted
his arms and moved them carefully over Spock's head.

"What are you doing, Captain?"

"I have to do this to get my hands out of the way. Now calm down, for
heaven's sake, Spock. This way you'll never get warm."

Spock finally relaxed and leaned against Kirk. The Vulcan's chilled skin
touched Kirk's for once warmer body. Seldom before had they been forced
to be this close to each other, and at that moment Kirk realized his
idea might not have been the best he'd ever had. In order to avoid
putting a soaking wet shirt in Spock's lap, he had to lower his hands so
that they were resting between the Vulcan's spread legs. It was
uncomfortably intimate, and if he felt that way, how did his very
private first officer feel? Kirk forced himself to relax and not think
about it. Instead, he pressed closer to Spock, trying to get as much of
his warm body in contact with the other man as he could.

'"Okay," he said, a bit too cheerfully. "What are we going to talk about
to pass the time?"

Spock was still trembling from the cold. Kirk's torso pressed against
the Vulcan's back, and at that moment, he found it comfortable, as
though he had come home. He leaned his head against Spock's shoulder.

"We might as well try to relax, Spock," he said. "We haven't slept much
in the last few days."

"True," Spock said and shifted.

"Are you uncomfortable?"

There was a silence before Spock replied. "No, I am not."

"Good. Do you think the Enterprise is searching for us?"

"Most likely," Spock replied. "We have failed to contact Mr. Scott twice
in the last week. They must be aware that something is amiss."


"I am concerned." Spock began.


"There is a very high probability that this complex is situated deep in
Klingon space."

Kirk nodded.

"It may take longer, but they will find us." Spock said confidently.

Kirk knew this, but it was still a relief to hear Spock say it.

"Don't get me wrong, Spock, but I'm glad you're here."

The Vulcan seemed to relax at that. "I understand. Although I wish we
were not in this predicament, I am also glad I am with you."

Kirk leaned against the rock wall. It was knobbly and hard, but it was
still surprisingly comfortable. Spock leaned back, too, and Kirk
realized that they were sitting in a lover's embrace.

"This is kind of strange," he mused aloud.


"Does it bother you-being so close to me, I mean?"

"No, it does not."

"I'm glad."

Spock tilted his head, and the Vulcan's sharp profile was barely visible
in the darkness. Drawing a hesitant breath, Spock then seemed to make a
decision. His voice was deep and sincere. "Being close to you has never
bothered me, Jim," he said. "In fact, even Vulcans need the reassurance
of touch and closeness to someone. I am grateful that you do not find
this offensive, and I value your touch more than you know."

Kirk swallowed and was shocked at the sudden jolt of desire that shot
through him. His groin pressed into Spock's backside, and he felt shame
when he realized that he was getting hard. He was forced head on to
admit to feelings he had tried to keep hidden, and the unexpected
arousal scared him. This wasn't the time nor the place to confront his
feelings, so he tried to push them far back in his mind. Spock certainly
wasn't the right object, but perhaps he had felt it? They were in such
close proximity..

Kirk wet his suddenly dry lips before speaking.


"Yes, Jim?"

"Can you read my thoughts?"

"I could if you would allow me, although I would not presume to do so
without your permission.."

Kirk held back a sigh of relief.

"Although." Spock continued hesitantly, ".at such close proximity, it is
very difficult for me not to read emotions."

Kirk bit his lip and tried not to feel anything. Damn Spock and his
unfailing honesty. Couldn't he have told a little white lie just once?
It would have made this situation a lot less awkward. But Spock was the
most honest person Kirk knew, and the Vulcan wouldn't keep his knowledge
to himself at a time like this.

"Uh, I'm sorry, Mr. Spock. This was not.. I didn't expect this." He
tried to maintain the chain of command and a sense of distance by
addressing Spock formally, but it was difficult. And yet, somehow, he
had to rid himself of the inappropriate feelings that had surfaced.

"Nor I, Captain," Spock said breathlessly and twisted around to look at
Kirk. It was still very dark around them, and all Kirk could see was the
outline of the Vulcan's face, and all he could feel was the hot breath
against his skin. Spock's eyes were always his most expressive feature,
but now Kirk couldn't see them. The Vulcan opened his mouth to say

Kirk realized that he was holding his breath in anticipation. Something
very important was about to be revealed.

At that moment, they heard the buzz of the turbolift approaching. Kirk
nearly cursed but stopped himself in time. Instead, he lifted his arms
over Spock's head, and they both quickly got on their feet. But he just
couldn't stop thinking about what had happened so suddenly. What had
Spock been about to tell him?

The guards handled them roughly. Kirk gasped as his shoulder slammed
into the wall, and he stifled a groan as the pain shot like a spear
through his entire left side. Spock hit the wall right next to him, and
the pained groan that slipped past his lips made Kirk want to kill the
guards. The harsh light in the lift made the dark shadows under the
Vulcan's eyes stand out, and his face looked gaunt. Spock was still
trembling from the cold, and he blinked against the bright light in the
turbolift car. As the lift started moving, the guards turned their backs
to them in obvious disrespect.

They were led back to the center room of the large complex, circular in
shape. It reminded Kirk of a cathedral, but the furnishings and the
decorations of the walls had nothing to do with religion, unless you
considered A'sharon a goddess. She did resemble one as she sat behind a
large U-shaped desk.

"Ah, First Officer Spock and Captain Kirk. It is a pleasure to see you
again," A'sharon said and rose from her chair. She examined them both
critically. "You are in luck. I have decided what to do with you. You
should be pleased. It is not often that I come to a decision so quickly,
as I am sure both of you are aware." She let her gaze travel over Kirk's
body and he tensed. Her gaze was rude, if not lecherous.

"Take off their shackles and wet shirts," she ordered. The guards
complied immediately, and Kirk was oddly grateful to get rid of the
soaked shirt. "I take it you have made your acquaintance with our
friends in the water?"

"If you are referring to the tarHo, we did not acquaint ourselves with
them," Spock replied icily.

"That is fortunate," A'sharon said and turned her gaze to the Vulcan.
"Such beautiful flesh should remain unmarred," she continued, and she
put her hand on Spock's bare shoulder and let it travel across the
finely muscled torso. From the look in Spock's eyes, Kirk could tell the
touch was unpleasant, but that was obviously part of the enjoyment for
her. A hot surge of a volatile emotion shot through Kirk's gut. He
watched as Spock tensed but didn't shy away from her touch. Spock knew
that showing his disgust might cost them their lives. It came to Kirk
then that Spock would never have allowed A'sharon to touch him had he
been alone. He would rather have died than be humiliated in such a way.

Kirk wanted to kill A'sharon. The Klingon's gaze traveled over Spock's
lean body as if it were a work of art she desired very much. Kirk nearly
gasped when her hand slipped from the flat, lightly furred stomach to
grip the Vulcan's genitals through his trousers. Spock didn't even
flinch as she moved her hand over his crotch, but Kirk had to force
himself not to react. He could barely tolerate watching Spock being
groped so intimately.

A feeling of dread pooled in Kirk's gut. He suspected what A'sharon
might have in mind for them. He had heard about such things-how the
Klingons sometimes gave their captives one way out and one way only.

Kirk turned his gaze away, trying to give his friend some privacy in his

"Don't look away," A'sharon ordered immediately. "Or I will squeeze so
hard that he will never be able to father any children, should he so
desire. Although I doubt he does," she laughed smugly.

Kirk met Spock's eyes in a silent apology, but the Vulcan's returning
gaze was steady and not the slightest bit embarrassed. He was enduring
this with his pride intact.

"I am sure you know what I have planned for you," A'sharon continued and
pulled away from Spock. The Vulcan's shoulders relaxed a fraction. "It
is not a new thing among us, and I am sure experienced spacefarers such
as yourselves have heard about it. If your actions meet with my
approval, I will let you go. My guards will take you to a place where
the Enterprise will pick you up." A'sharon looked at Kirk first and
there was an evil smile on her lips. "I am a woman of my word, Captain."

Kirk ventured another glance at his Vulcan friend. She was too
confident. She had to be lying. How could she let them go? Spock shook
his head almost imperceptibly. He didn't believe her either.

Spock stood unmoving. He had stopped trembling since his shackles and
wet clothing had been removed.

"Look at me," A'sharon said, and Kirk reluctantly turned his gaze from
Spock to her. She smiled. "You do know what I want, don't you?" His eyes
were glued to A'sharon's.

"Answer me!" she ordered, and Kirk knew that he didn't have a choice.

"Yes, I know."

A'sharon's smile grew wider. "Tell us-tell him-what it is I want you to
do, Captain Kirk. I can see that you know exactly what I am talking
about. Tell your cold, unemotional Vulcan what you will have to do to
him in order to save both your lives."

The words were on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't utter them.

"Oh no," A'sharon tsk-ed, and her facial expression grew even more
satisfied. "Your hesitation will cost you. You will both have to do it,
or I will not let you go. That will make this so much more interesting.
We will see what truth there is to the rumor of the Vulcan seven-year

Kirk could see the tension in Spock's body as he finally suspected what
was going to take place.

"Perhaps this is the one time in your illustrious career that your
Vulcan first officer will not come through for you, Kirk?"

If there had been doubts before, they were gone now. He knew what
A'sharon expected from them.

"There is no need to explain further, Captain," Spock said. "I have
heard of this pirate ritual."

"Oh, but I disagree, Mr. Spock," A'sharon protested as her eyes wandered
from Kirk to Spock and back again. "I will take as much pleasure from
this as I possibly can, and you will not ruin it for me. Neither of
you." She moved away from them and sat in her chair before she continued
to speak. "I want to hear Captain Kirk say it. Tell him!" Her eyes
darkened. The guards stepped closer.

"Tell him, or I will order my warriors to kill the Vulcan where he

"Very well, Captain. Do as she wishes. Tell me what it is you must do,"
Spock said calmly.

Even before the guard moved, Kirk knew what the result of Spock's
approving words would be. He wished that Spock had stayed quiet, but as
always, the Vulcan's first concern was for his captain.

The Klingon's fist against the side of his face was so forceful it
brought Spock to his knees. Still, he accepted the blow without a sound
leaving his lips, but a trickle of dark green blood ran down the squared
chin. Kirk knew that if the Klingon had aimed his violence at him
instead, he would have passed out. Spock only closed his eyes for a
moment and then the dark gaze met Kirk's as Spock waited to hear the
words, and silently, the Vulcan got to his feet.

Kirk cleared his throat. He knew A'sharon's patience was definitely
wearing thin. "If we're going to get out of here, I'll have to use you."
Kirk halted, but forced himself to keep looking at his friend, ".to use

"Not good enough," A'sharon said. "Spell it out. I want to hear you say

"Damn it!" Kirk shouted. "Isn't it enough that we'll have to do it? Do I
have to talk about it as well?"

"Ah, yes, Captain Kirk," A'sharon said. She didn't laugh, she didn't
even smile as she walked toward him. She did not speak until she was
close enough for him to detect the unmistakable scent of a Klingon.
Maybe their smell was why he disliked them so much? A'sharon smelled
sweet, dirty, and sickening.

"I wish to know if the rumors are true. Do Captain Kirk and his Mister
Spock spend their nights together, mating like a pair of targs in heat?"

Kirk stared at Spock, who didn't even blink. Were there rumors like
those going around? The chuckle that came from A'sharon made his blood
boil. He loathed the way she seemed able to read his mind.

"My dear Captain, did you not know? Did you not know the rumors that
speculate whether or not the stoic Vulcan loses control while you fuck
him in the ass? If he lets you fuck him, or if he is the one on top all
the time? Didn't you know that Kang once said he wished he could find
out whether you give a decent blowjob after practicing on a
double-ridged Vulcan cock for so long?"

Her crudeness made bile rise in Kirk's throat. She made everything he
had ever felt for Spock seem filthy, and he had strong feelings, very
strong feelings for his first officer. Until just before they were
brought back to this room, he had never consciously had sexual thoughts
about his first officer. He'd loved Spock for a long time, but he'd
tried to tell himself that it was a brotherly love. He knew that it
wasn't true, of course.

Back in the dungeon, when he had finally admitted the truth to himself,
he had felt shame, then a wish that Spock might feel the same desire. He
remembered the look Spock had given him, a look full of-hope? Now,
A'sharon had shamed them both, and made what they might mean to each
other seem wrong, when his first thought had been how right the
realization had felt.

A delicate hand cupped his chin, and A'sharon's dry palm rested against
his cheek. The Klingon moved even closer. She exuded power and danger.
Kirk nearly backed away but forced himself to remain still as her eyes
locked with his. "Now, whether it is true or not, I want to hear you say
it, and then you are going to do it and make those rumors true. While
you are fucking each other, I want you to tell your Vulcan exactly how
it makes you feel. If you lie, I will kill you both. Your eyes, Captain,
will show me if you speak the truth."

What had A'sharon seen in his eyes? How could she know what was in his
heart when he hadn't admitted it until so recently?

It would be rape, Kirk told himself, but the way A'sharon looked at him
told him that she was losing her patience, so he started talking. "I
will have to fuck you, Spock." Kirk said, and this time he didn't look
at his first officer. He couldn't, ".and then you will have to do the
same to me, and by God.I hope we're both capable of doing it, or we will

A'sharon patted Kirk's cheek.

"Very good, Captain. Very good." Then she turned to her guards. "Take
the prisoners away. Move them to the rokeg section. You know what to

Kirk glared at A'sharon, who flashed him a smile. Her face revealed
nothing, and Kirk wondered if they had been fooled. If this was simply a
part of her plan to torture them..

Kirk bit his lip, holding his hands stubbornly by his sides. He was
boiling inside at the way she had treated Spock. So help him, he would
kill that Klingon bitch with his bare hands. The desire to hurt this
woman was overwhelming, and the hatred was debilitating, making it
difficult to think. He tried to fight it, but then he remembered what
this woman had done. Kirk had seen too many Golden Dust victims. The
statistics of thousands dead from the drug didn't affect him half as
much as the memories of addicts he had seen on pleasure planets
throughout the quadrant. Shore leave wasn't always all good times.

A'sharon had supplied many systems with Golden Dust, and for what?
Money? She had no regard for life whatsoever. Kirk remembered the
skeletons beneath the structure; he remembered how her guards had
treated them for the past week. They had gotten almost no food, and
barely enough of the foul-tasting water to keep them alive.

But the image that was burned into his retinas was the way she had
touched Spock.

If she killed Spock, Kirk would die trying to capture her, both to
avenge his friend, and to punish her for the crimes she had committed.
Of course, he would do it anyway, if given half a chance. But he was
manhandled through the corridors, forced to move forward by blows to his
back and shoulders.

He could hear Spock's labored breathing just a few steps behind him.
Eventually, they were thrown into a room. There were two tiny shower
stalls, with only the nozzles protruding from the wall. There were no
cabinets or drawers, and the room was completely sterile and empty. It
reminded Kirk of a morgue.

"Shower," said the guard. "We will be back in ten minutes, and by then
you will be finished."

They had no choice but to follow instructions. Kirk shed his boots and
pants, trying not to watch Spock doing the same beside him. Instead, he
surveyed the place. The walls were bare, and there was no loose
equipment of any kind they could use as a weapon.

Stepping into one of the two showers, he was surprised to find warm
water gushing from the overhead faucet, and he hoped the fine spray
would help Spock to feel warmer.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"As well as can be expected under the circumstances," Spock replied
coolly, as he stepped into the shower stall beside Kirk.

How many times had he seen Spock naked? A hundred? More? And yet, it had
never been so difficult to ignore the long-limbed grace of his friend.

To distract himself, Kirk closed his eyes and rubbed the water over his
body, trying to get rid of days of sweat and grime. There was no soap or
anything else to wash away the dirt. Ignoring the sudden longing for
Starfleet standard soap, Kirk tried not to think, but his mind lingered
on their situation. What if this were just another part of the sick game
A'sharon was playing? Perhaps she was only giving them their last shower
and last meal before they were executed-after performing like whores at
a brothel.

Or perhaps A'sharon only treated them to these things, and then she
would make him watch while the guards tortured Spock. Kirk knew these
pirates; they had many ways of tormenting their captives, and A'sharon
had made it clear that she would find torturing Spock the greater
challenge. Several of the methods used flew through Kirk's mind as he
ran his fingers through his hair, trying to rinse away sweat.

"So, are we going to go through with this?" Kirk asked aloud as he wiped
the water out of his hair. He watched the dirt flowing down the drain.

"Yes," Spock said.

"It might not do any good. I wonder if A'sharon is going to keep her

"Your concern is relevant. Yet, doing as she requests.."

Kirk's anger rose, and he interrupted. "Dammit, Spock. She's forcing us
to have sex!" He was hoping to get some kind of reaction from the

Spock ran his long fingers over his right leg, refusing to look up. Kirk
watched the slender body as the Vulcan straightened finally and wiped
water from his eyes. There was nothing between them. No shower walls, no
curtains-nothing. They were together, nude, and soon they would have to
fuck each other. Kirk swallowed.

You want this.

"Did you hear what I said?"

"Yes. I see no reason for your agitation. If it saves our lives.."

"It might not."

"It may give the Enterprise the time she needs to find us, Jim," Spock
said, and finally lifted his head to meet his captain's gaze. Kirk saw
determination there and not an ounce of fear. Would Spock actually go
through with this?

"If we do not follow her orders, we may.."

Horrible visions appeared in Kirk's mind, clear as day.

She would torture Spock and use Klingon painsticks or-even
worse-mind-probes that would drive a telepathic Vulcan insane.. He could
see Spock screaming from the pain, losing control, going crazy. Kirk
couldn't allow that to happen. He would never forgive himself if that
brilliant, shining soul were damaged.

"All right," Kirk said. "So, we go through with it?"


"You seem very at ease with the situation, Spock," Kirk said. He was
puzzled by the Vulcan's ready acceptance.

"We do not have much of a choice, Jim. The situation will not improve by
my refusal to cooperate. We must comply with A'sharon's demands, unless
you have a more efficient plan," Spock said patiently.

"I don't."

Forcing the unpleasant thoughts away, Kirk ran his fingers over his
chest. The water was clean, and he could have stayed forever. Watching,
and trying not to watch Spock, was heaven and hell, both at the same

How could he possibly make this ordeal as painless as possible for both
of them? Would A'sharon decide who would do what first?

Kirk would prefer Spock to take him first, for-god help him-he knew that
he could go through with it, because he actually wanted Spock. He would
have no trouble fucking his first officer. Kirk swallowed. But if Spock
wasn't able to.perform, they'd both die anyway. If he made sure Spock
was first, he could at least spare his friend the humiliation of being
fucked in front of that Klingon bitch.

Kirk fought the sensation of warmth pooling in his gut at the thought of
Spock.doing that.to him. He was growing hard at the mere thought.

Disgusted with himself, Kirk stepped out of the shower, turning away
from Spock. He snatched one of the small towels left there by the guard,
drying himself quickly. How did Spock feel about this? He turned the
question over and over again.

"Spock." he began.

"Yes, Jim."

Kirk glanced over at Spock, who seemed completely unselfconscious as he
dried himself. Even now, gaunt from lack of food and with his usually
neat hair tousled and damp, Spock was tall, muscular, and absolutely


Kirk was interrupted as the doors opened, and a guard handed them clean
clothes. The moment was lost, and he couldn't believe he had let it slip
away. Cursing inwardly, he pulled on the black trousers and the
cream-colored tunic. Spock was efficient, too, and still the guard
barked impatiently.

"Move," he said and waved the disrupter at them. They were both ushered
out of the shower stalls and through a short corridor. Kirk was getting
mightily tired of being bossed around, but there was nothing they could
do about it. Moments later they stepped into another room, where
A'sharon waited for them. Spock first. Kirk thought he still looked
tired, but at least he was clean. Kirk realized that being clean would
make Spock more calm and focused. Being filthy was something the Vulcan

"I have been waiting impatiently for you. Join me," A'sharon ordered.

Stiffly, Kirk moved to sit at the round table. The room seemed very much
like a dungeon. The walls were a dark kind of rock, and torches on the
walls lit up the place. As soon as they were seated, the guards stood
around them, weapons at the ready.

"I apologize," she said unnecessarily. "Having guards at the table is
rude, I am aware of that, but you know the reason for their presence."

"Indeed," Spock commented dryly. "You are fearful that we will attack
you, overpower you, murder you, and then attempt to escape this


"You are perfectly correct, of course," Spock continued as if he hadn't
noticed A'sharon's attempt at speaking.

She remained silent for a moment. "I had forgotten Vulcans' habit of
always pointing out the obvious," she commented icily. "Do you not find
that an annoying habit in your first officer, Captain?"

"Spock is the best first officer in Starfleet, and his honesty is one of
his most valuable traits," Kirk said.

"We shall eat," A'sharon said and called for food.

Young slave-boys of different species entered, filling the table with
what were probably considered Klingon delicacies.

Kirk's stomach rumbled. He felt weak and ravenous. Even the ra'cht and
the gagh seemed tempting at this point.

"I suggest we eat, Captain," Spock commented when Kirk didn't move to
taste the food.

"I assure you, it isn't poisonous." A'sharon laughed and dug in.

Obviously, she enjoyed the meal, but her table manners left a lot to be
desired. Her face showed utter bliss as she tasted several of the dishes
on the table. Watching her eat with her fingers, Kirk couldn't help
wondering if she had taken a shower, too. He doubted it. She poured
herself a glass of Klingon blood wine and shot him a toothy grin.

"Would you care for a taste, Captain?" she asked.

Kirk shook his head. Klingon Blood wine on an empty stomach was a bad
idea. Especially if A'sharon still insisted that he and Spock.. Kirk let
the thought trail into nothing. He didn't want to think about it. He
could think of nothing else.

Thoughts of Spock as a sexual being were something he avoided. Long ago,
he had realized he could be attracted to his first officer, but he had
consciously tried not to think about it. Never before, though, had that
attraction been brought into the open this way. A'sharon's crude words
still rang in his mind.

".if the stoic Vulcan loses control while you fuck him.is he on top all
the time?.give a decent blowjob after practicing on a double ridged
Vulcan cock for so long.."

A'sharon's smile told Kirk she knew what he was thinking. The way her
dark eyes seemed to know his every thought and every feeling unnerved

"Eat, Captain. You'll need your strength later tonight. I had planned
for you and Spock to provide this evening's entertainment. Perhaps I
will keep you for more than a day if you come through for me.."

Kirk ignored her comments, as did Spock, who was already eating one of
the few vegetarian dishes on the table. Kirk loathed following the
Klingon's command, but he knew he had to eat. So he did, despite the
fact that the water tasted strange and made him feel weak. Kirk didn't
remember the last time he had drunk water that didn't taste like it was

The food could just as well have been field rations. Spock seemed to, if
not enjoy it, at least not dislike the meal. Kirk sometimes envied the
Vulcan's ability to focus on one thing at a time. He was quite sure
Spock's mind didn't even touch the subject of what they were about to be
forced to do.

"That's enough," A'sharon said suddenly, and the boys who had served the
food came back and took it away.


No matter how prepared Kirk thought he was, the sight of A'sharon lying
on a divan made him shiver with unease. She looked at them both with a
gaze he knew all too well. Despite her condescending attitude, Kirk knew
she found them both attractive, and she was going to enjoy this

"We will get through this, Captain," the Vulcan said, and Kirk turned
his head to Spock, standing next to him. Kirk felt an overwhelming sense
of fondness and gratitude for Spock at the words. He spoke so calmly and
he was giving support in every way he knew how.

They were standing in front of A'sharon's divan, with the guards behind
them. The room was the most beautiful one Kirk had seen so far. Of
course, A'sharon would want to be comfortable when watching them..

Kirk willed himself to relax. He wanted Spock, he couldn't deny it, and
he'd be damned if he were going to feel guilty for his desire. There was
nothing he could do to stop A'sharon's plans. Spock knew that, and so
did he.

"Get those clothes off," A'sharon barked.

Finally as calm as he could get, Kirk watched Spock pulling the black
shirt out of his pants. Transfixed, he followed the Vulcan's
long-fingered hands as they undid each button. He couldn't help drinking
in the sight of the naked skin and the firmly sculpted musculature that
was slowly revealed.

God, Spock, I want you.

He looked up, but the Vulcan's eyes were closed. What was going on in
Spock's mind right now? Was he scared, angry, disgusted or just
determined? Would this ruin their friendship? Damn A'sharon to the
deepest hells. Spock means more to me than any other person. If I lose
his friendship, it'll kill me.

"You too," A'sharon ordered.

Kirk started. He'd forgotten that he was supposed to get out of his own
clothes. Watching Spock..

Maybe he should tell A'sharon that he would rather die than do this? But
that would mean Spock's death as well. Wouldn't he rather lose his
friend's respect than see him die from A'sharon's torture?


Kirk closed his eyes for a moment, trying to will away his erection, but
why should he fight it? Spock would notice soon enough, and Kirk thought
that perhaps he should be grateful that he was able to get hard. Or else
they would die.

The Vulcan's hands were steady and Kirk lifted his head to meet the dark
gaze. To his relief, there was nothing but acceptance and calm in
Spock's eyes.

"You must begin, Captain," Spock said, and Kirk was torn out of his
jumbled thoughts. He shook his head.

"No, Spock. You have to begin.." But he was unable to explain to his
first officer why he wanted it that way.

Kirk couldn't tell Spock that he actually wanted this, and that he could
never forgive himself if he fucked Spock and the Vulcan ended up hating
him for it.

But if Spock began, if Spock was able to go through with it.what did
that mean? Something nagged at Kirk's mind. Something about Vulcans.but
the thought slipped from him, illusive.

A'sharon snorted, "Isn't this cute? I don't care who starts fucking who,
but since you two are acting like human gentlemen." the word was spat
out like an insult, "I suppose I'll have to decide."

Her words were cut off by a strange, familiar sensation. Kirk
straightened as he met A'sharon's gaze. Her eyes blazed with fury, and a
satisfied grin spread on his lips. She wouldn't get what she wanted, and
that pleased him no end. The feeling intensified, gripping him-it was a
transporter beam. He turned his head toward Spock, watching the almost
naked form dissolving.

Kirk had never been so relieved and so disappointed in his life. As they
materialized on the transporter platform, he couldn't stay on his feet.
Spock's arms went around him in a supportive grip.

"Blast that fucking underground complex to hell!" Kirk whispered
angrily, knowing his orders for once wouldn't be followed.

END part 1

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