Penname: Aconitum-Napellus [Contact] Real name: Anna
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Although I mainly write Spock/Chapel if I do a pairing, I have begun to write some K/S too. My main obsession is Spock being blind. I'm weird...

Most of my stories are under the same name on (where I have more of a bio) and on fannation. I also post them on deviantArt (along with some lovely cat photos, and a couple of photo-manipulations of Spock :-) )

I'm terrible at replying to reviews, but each one (at least, the nice ones, the helpful ones, the ones that remind me I use too many commas and dashes) light up my morning when I find them in my inbox. I'm not a horrible person. I just have three children and three cats and a dog and a house and obsessions and fears and other things that get in my way.

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