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I’ve been a fan of Star Trek TOS and Kirk and Spock since I was a kid in the 70’s, even then gravitating toward the more H/C episodes!  I eventually found out about K/S and went aha! And have enjoyed being in the fandom to one degree or another ever since.

I did not start writing K/S until the summer of  2013 - even though it was my first ever 'slash' obsession.  Perhaps it was a bit too daunting.

Through the years I discovered and enjoyed other fandoms like The Sentinel, Due South and Torchwood. 

I wrote a long series of connected stories in the Due South fandom, featuring Benny and “the real” Ray.  If you are interested, those stories can be found at the address below.  I don't think you need to be familar with Due South to enjoy.    

Dimitri "Dee" Gilles


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Challenges by DeeGilles

Spock as young dancer ( 18-21 years old), defying and alienating Sarek, who has disowned him, to pursue his dream but his mother still secretly financially supports him.  He’s a good technical dancer, but lacks that spark – that special passion that makes his dancing come alive.  He makes it on the show, just barely.  He (or his mother) hires a young and fresh-faced up-and-coming choreographer named Jim Kirk to help him find his passion.

OR -

Go the "Save the Last Dance" route.  Spock is trying to get into Juliard but his dancing lacks something until he meets Jim Kirk, a tough and unpolished kid from the street who happens to be one hell of a dancer. In this scenario, Sarek has died, leaving Amanda a destitute single mother who has to raise Spock in a poor neighborhood.  (Or maybe Amanda has died, leaving Spock to be raised by a wealthy but removed  father who disapproves of his career choice - who is willing to pay him to pursue a career in the sciences)


Bonus if this whole experience becomes a sexual awakening for Spock.  His dancing has never been sexual in anyway, but Jim wants him to feel free to express that part of himself in his dancing.


Try to work in at least some of the original bridge crew.Perhaps Uhura could be his BFF/'Fruit Fly" who enters the contest with him. Original characters good too.



Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Uhura

Base a story on the book (and movie starring Jim Carrey and Ewen McGregor) I LOVE YOU PHILLIP MORRIS, with Spock as Phillip and Kirk as Steven Russell.


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