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So I have a thing for stories which include both Kirk and Spock Primes as well as Nu Spock and Nu Kirk, yet I rarely see any stories which clash them together. So here's what I'm dying to see:

I would really like to see a fic where for some reason, Kirk Prime ends up in the Abrams universe (can be for whatever reason the author sees fit) and then, for reasons up to the author, has to team up and work together with Nu Kirk and Nu Spock. (Spock Prime ofcourse has to be included as well!) I mainly want to see this because depsite Kirk and NuKirk being the same person, they are extremely different just like the two Spocks are, and it would be fascinating to see how their command techniques clash in a crisis scenario. It would also be interesting to see how the two Spock's deal with their own differences as well. I'd even be okay with TOS Kirk and Spock somehow--in the midst of their own 5-year mission--ending up the Abrams Universe. Now THAT would be interesting!

You can either have an established relationship between Nukirk and Nuspock, or can build up to it.

Defintely want some angst and H/C thrown in there cuz I'm a sucker for that stuff!

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