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Jim is Romeo and Spock is like Juliet, but is a guy. Jim's family is in a bitter conflict with Spock's, which makes Sarek reluctant to negotiate for peace for them, for they are on equal stances of power. Jim is the rebel of the family, reluctant for war and who has his eye on one of the girls that is Spock's personal servent. Spock lives a life inside his home and is hardly ever allowed to leave it and is about to be forced into an engagement and marriage against his will to T'Pring, the President's personal assistant. When McCoy/Mercutio is invited to the betrothal party, he takes Jim with him where Kirk falls in love with Spock and Spock with him. Spock knows that he will soon be bonded to T'Pring if he does nothing; Kirk sneaks to Spock's balconey; they marry against Sarek's will, who goes into a rage; Amanda doesn't know what to do or say to Spock; Spock fakes his death; Kirk goes to him.

BONUS: If all the other main characters are servants to Kirk, Spock, or McCoy. Spock has one or both of the girls and the others are split between McCoy and Kirk.

BONUS: If you can do this as a play sticking closely to the original story

BONUS: You do this without anybody dying

BONUS: Sybok is like Tybalt, but not quite as violent. 

BONUS: Uhura or Chapel is the servant that Kirk has his eye on, but they have their eye on Spock without Spock liking them. He's nice to them, but isn't interested in women at all. Whichever girl is interested also has to be the role of the nurse from the original R+J.

MEGA BONUS: If one of the servants is also the preist who marries Kirk and Spock.

MUST: They have to both be guys

I prefer TOS or AU, but if you really wan Abrams, it's alright, so long as Spock and Uhura are totally NOT together.

not intended to plagerize the Romeo and Juliet challenge!! Not. 

Categories: Fiction Characters: Original Character(s)

Spock is a Sherlock Holmes in his own right, but now he is Sherlock Holmes. Being the only Vulcan with a permanent residence on earth and being insanely brilliant, he naturally has to keep a good reputation. After solving several dozen mysteries, detective!Spock decides that he needs a partner and starts searching... And quickly finds Watson!Kirk. Kirk, being a war hero, is also after attention and never thinks until later of living in a small apartment in england solving mysteries and crimes with only a male Vulcan for company. 

Please make this an AU and neither of them in a relationship with anyone until each other. Maybe make this like the tv show and either have Molly!Uhura or Molly!Chapel, but Spock is not interested in either of them romantically. 

Bonus: if you have Mycroft!Sybok fit in somewhere. Maybe even Moriarty!Stonn or Magnussen!Khan. 

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Spock thinks that Kirk is incapable of loving him because they are both men. He mysteriously leaves on shoreleave, but dows not return. Instead, a gorgeous, beautiful, seductive, and incredibly sexy Vulcan woman comes back, saying that she is their new science officer. Kirk is reluctant to trust her, especially because she is so much like Spock. When the station Spock docked at reports him missing, Kirk has to go back and search for him. Little does he knew that the Vulcan woman trying to seduce him, T'Laya, is Spock, who bought a pendant that would change his sex for one week. Can Spock win over his captain in a female body and find out that Kirk is falling in love with his male one, too? Time is running out until the call comes for a demand to return the pendant and revealing everything to Jim...

Categories: Fiction Characters: girl!Spock

I would really like to see a Robin Hood Story where Kirk is Robin, McCoy is Little John, and Spock is Mariane. This means, of course, that you must include Spock in as many points as possible with Kirk as the story will allow. Maybe you can make either Khan or Sybok Prince John, then have Scotty or Sulu as Friar Tuck. Infuse the other characters in where possibe, and if you want to make one of them King Richard, then be my guest :)


-I don't care what universe this is in, but I'd most prefer an AU.

-Have a scene where RobinHood!Kirk is presumed dead, and they're about to perform the funeral when he shows up with all of Prince John's gold.

-If you can work this with or without genderswap. I'd really like to see either one.


Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

Basically, I want someone to rewrite either wrath of khan or space seed, but it HAS to be set in Mirror!Verse. Definitely keep the death of Spock if you choose Wrath of Khan, but maybe make Jim's reaction more one of anger than grief. If you choose Space Seed, then McGivers has to be a total jerk, even to Khan, and that's why he likes her. She cannot be giving in to his submissions unless he threatens her with death or frightens her in some horrible way that forces her to obey him.

Bonus: for Spock secretly loving Jim but not knowing how to express it

Bonus: for the resurrection, should you choose TWOK, to be the epilogue

Bonus: Jim making out with Spock after the event ad making Spock realize how to express his affection

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Original Character(s)