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Heyo! Welcome!

You can call me Jade, and I'm 18 years old.

So, technically, I'm new to the Star Trek fanfiction. I was a total Trekkie when I was younger (maybe around 10) but then I got out of it. With the release of the 2016 film 'Star Trek: Beyond' I am finally back in baby!

I'm not big on romance, but if it's written well (which seems to be all of the fanfiction written on here), I don't mind it. My favourite trope is the death of Kirk. I'm sorry, I'm partial to main character deaths okay? Which might be why - out of all of the AOU films - 'Into Darkness' is the best in my opinion.

I might not write actual fanfiction for a while because I still need to explore Kirk and Spock as characters in literature, but I'm always thinking of new plots and ideas. So you might see me on the challenge page a lot.

The tumblr is my personal, but since I'm re-entering this fandom, there isn't any Star Trek on there so far.

I think that's all for now!

Live long and prosper!

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I wanted to write one like this right, but I'm 100% sure that someone on this site can write it a whole lot better than myself. So I thought I'd put this idea out there for you guys to play with.

We all know the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and I thought of a cool crossover idea for it.


  • Jim is Kida and Milo's son (time difference can easily be explained away by the Atlantean's ability to live so long, because of the crystal)
  • If you want to make this more of an AU, then remove Milo and Kida and make him the son of two Atlantean OCs - but he has to be royal
  • He was stolen from them when the Federation (Section 31) discovered their home
  • The real James T. Kirk died in childbirth (how he came into Winona's possession is up to you, but he must be unaware of his adoption)
  • Takes place after STID (thus, Abrams universe please)
  • During their 5-year mission
  • The crystal of Atlantis must choose Jim to help protect Atlantis
  • A crystal necklace must somehow end up in Jim's possession
  • Spirk, obviously


  • Jim dies because I love character deaths
  • The Federation is partially corrupt (Pike's involvement prior to his death can be up to you)
  • A scientific explanation for the crystal and its effects on the inhabitants (it would make the blend of fantasy and sci-fi a whole lot easier I believe)
  • Milo and Kida/Jim's real parents were murdered by either a rebellion faction for by the Federation
  • Atlantis has been relocated to another planet, so it's discovered by an away team from the Enterprise

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