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Challenges by DianesLines
Summary: What if the modes of sexual courtship which vulcans use are so different from those of the (illogical and emotional) beings with whom Jim usually associates that he hasn't got a clue when vulcans are propositioning him? Spock doesn't make his own attempt initially because he sees Jim's apparent disinterest in other vulcans. How does Spock react to these other vulcans when he sees his captain being hit on? How much friendly amusement do Spock's ex and Bones get out of stimulating these occurrences and watching Spock's jealous sparks fly? How does Jim react when he realizes just how many times he's sent the wrong signals and gotten telepathically "felt up"? This is not mimbo!Jim, just Jim who has a tiny gap in his cultural education, mainly due to disinterest in this specific subject matter - because he figured he'd never be interested in anyone as (seemingly) sedate as a vulcan, and nor would any vulcan be interested in him. So he didn't give the subject matter his full attention during class at SFA. Extra credit awarded if Jim & Spock have hot sex!
Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy, Uhura