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I am an Original Star Trek Fan, from the 1960's show and the Original Movies. My Favorite Duo are Kirk and Spock, played by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.  I am just getting my feet wet with the new Abrams Verosion of Trek, have mixed emotions about it.  Have been enjoying the Fan Fiction Stories on this site. I like stories with plot, conflict, emotional development, revelation moments and lots of happy endings, per se.  I have written EMERGENCY! fan fiction in past, but currently my stories are not up on any site.  Have many ideas for Trek Fan fic.

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Challenges by TRP-Goober

Based on Journey to Babel: Spock was his Father's Blood Donor, helping to save Ambassador Sarek's life. In order to do so, Spock agreed to receive doses of medication that forced his body to Super Produce the necessary amount of blood, but the drugs had a high metabolic impact on his Liver, Spleen, Heart, and Bone Marrow.  All SEEMED FINE, at the Episode end, after Dr. McCoy had ordered Captain Kirk and the First Officer to settle in Biobeds and "shushed" them into silence....but during the Night, Kirk wakes to voices and sounds, to discover a clearly ill and uncomfortable Spock surrounded by the Medical Team.

"Bones? What's going on?"  He asks.   (You take it from here.)

Goals:  *i had Chemo within last year and had to have a drug to stimulate white blood cell production at one point. Several days after having the injection, when it kicked in, very late at night, I experienced some of the most extreme pain, deep bone pain, back pain, pain that was not relieved by any amount of Narcotics....turned into one of the longest nights of my life!  

I imagined Spock going through similar, or perhaps a combination of symptoms....

In your Fanfic....Tell us Who ends up Helping Spock through the Long Ordeal and how...

Remember you can use his Parents, if you want.

And of Course, there is KIRK, his T'hy'la!


have Fun!

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Based on The Deadly Years Episode

After Kirk is relieved of Command, due to the Aging effects, he is furious and turns a very vicious verbal assault on Spock, which had to have had some Impact on our Poor Vulcan. 
at the End of the Episode, once Kirk is "young" again, and in Command, McCoy comes to collect Spock and take him to Sickbay to have his Treatment, which we are told, is a much Stronger Dosage.  

Story Challenge:

1.  Spock, now stressed and aged, impacted by Kirk's words...assuming he no longer has a place on board Enterprise or in his ex-T'hy'la's  Life....simply refuses the Treatment.

2. While McCoy might wish to force Treatment upon Spock, as a life saving measure, M'Benga steps in, with Regulations, Ethics, and biological stop the forced measures.

3. it is left to Kirk to own up to his Actions and Words, the damage and hurt caused to his Friend/T'hy'la....and Really make amends, not just deliver glibe words, empty smiles, or even stern commands.  CAN HE DO IT.

4. Does the Stronger Dosage for Spock come with any added risks, complications,heart stopping moments...(for Spock, really) and for Kirk (figuratively) as the Captain lends his strength and reassurance, IF Spock finally agrees to Treatment, in you fanfic?

Have Fun!





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