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I'm hard of hearing.  I teach Sign Language.  I write some.  I draw a little. I read a lot. That's all.  Hugs.

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Challenges by missfae

This my first entry in this catagory so here goes...

I was watching the commercial for the movie, One Day and a challenge came to mind.

My friend and I have been real friends for over 20 years.  We decided, almost from the first day we met, that we'd be better friends that lovers.  We rode the bus together everyplace before we had cars and have gone out of our way to pick each other up.  We have been out of the country, on cruises and spent the night over each others' houses.  We have both listened to each other complain about significant others, families, and the world in general.

He hated when I went to the Air Force and was happy when I came back; I stayed with him from morning to night when he was in the hospital.  

And through all of this, we have never been sexually intimate.  Not even initially to try and see if we could.

My challenge, I want to see this sort of story where two friends, same sex or opposite sex, truly have this friendship.   I want no sex between the two friends, but if you want them  to have  it in their other relationships, go for it.  And they can't all of the sudden fall in love at the end.

This can be Kirk/Spock slash with them each being friends to someone else, but finding true love together.  Or, it can be Kirk-Spock friendship.  I'll leave it up to you.

Who knows, I may even take this challenge because I am tired of "just friends" who have to have sex.  It will be my first writings in this arena, but hey, this is near to my heart.

Go for it.

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