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I’m a 27 year old who has been reading fan fiction since 2001 and posting works since 2009.  I just started writing Star Trek fan fiction this year.  I am currently transferring my two larger completed stories from the Nyota Knows Best series from fan as these stories are revised along with my new works in progress.

I think I understand Spock better than any other character because I understand what it's like for other individuals to view you as less because of some aspect of yourself that you can't change. I think I love the Kirk/ Spock dynamic because I would love to find someone else who accepts me exactly the way I am.

I think I fell in love with Star Trek because supposedly by the 23rd century people are accepted the way they are in concept if not practiced.

That being said I have a very rare neurological disorder that affects my ability to communicate in writing or read.  I must utilize voice recognition software to write the stories or to do written tasks.  The software is imperfect and is prone to making common mistakes with homonyms and tense.  The newer works have been read by a beta but the older stuff has not.

Yes, I am college educated despite being disabled. Yes, I have taken writing classes before. Due to some cosmic mix-up I missed the material in fifth through eighth grade English. I've been told multiple times that I can write a collegiate paper, but not necessarily a junior high one.

If you see a problem, tell me what it is exactly so I can fix it or volunteer to be my beta.  I can always use more.  However, telling me things like “you need to learn how to spell” is like telling Spock he needs to be more Vulcan.

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When he was the "only genius level repeat offender in the Midwest" to make ends meet Jim worked as the 23rd century equivalent of a Phone sex entertainer. After taking up Pike's to do better he still peded the money and kept his old job. During this time he starts to fall for one of his clients who has a fetish to be spoken to in dirty Vulcan and calling him even after he gets a girlfriend. Eventually the client stops calling and Jim moves on. After a couple weeks of working together as captain and first officer, Jim realizes that Spock was that infamous client.

I would like a happy ending with Jim and Spock getting together. 

No Nyota bashing.

I love her, she just doesn't belong was Spock.

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Spock and Uhura's relationship is coming apart fast and Spock goes to his friend/captain for help.  What Spock doesn't know is Jim is already in love with him and uses the opportunity to sabotage his relationship with Uhura.  Instead of helping, Jim gives him the worst ideas ever.
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Chocolate covered Jim with bondage

Must have:

Jim chained to the bed with Spock licking chocolate body paint off him.

The two are in an established relationship.


Slightly tipsy Spock

This can be set in TOS or ST:XI but I prefer ST:XI.

Can have the entire thing being interrupted by Bones, Jim having a weird allergic reaction to the body paint, or a red alert occurring just before things get good.

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