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Let's see... Basic stuff: Female. Born after they showed Spock and Kirk on the tv for the first time. Living in England at the moment, so please forgive any British words ;)    

 I have been reading in lots of fandoms and written in a few, but mostly I'm into original fiction which I don't post on the net. However, I really like the characters Spock and Kirk and hope to post the few stories I have written - so far - here!

I hope you'll enjoy my stories! And please let me know if you do, either by commenting or sending me a mail :)     

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Challenges by lisa_tid

Right, so I've realized I probably wont ever get around to writing this so I'm really hoping someone else will!

I want Spock and Kirk glued together, literally. Fix that however you want, but my suggestion is that Kirk touches some unknown material and then puts his hand on Spock's shoulder or something. After that, they're forced to get to know each other and discover that yes - we like each other! Maybe the glue disappears on it's own after a while, maybe they have to fix it themselves but they should be stuck to each other for a while.

One-shot? Longer? Your choice. Rating I'd prefer mature or NC-17 with bottom!Spock, but if you fullfill this and make it PG I'll still be very happy :) 

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