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Challenges by vickyblueeyez



Challenge: Make this sad prompt have a happy ending. (not my prompt, belongs to anon at the kink meme)

Difficulty: Very

Prompt: Kirk/character of anon's choice are in a relationship the whole crew knows about and accepts. Then, Kirk gets top!secret-super!classified orders from stafleet basically forcing him to seduce a traitor/spy to get information for starfleet. [OR Kirk's orders force him to gain trust from the traitor/spy, so Kirk is all friendly and the traitor/spy takes advantage of Kirk.] Kirk follows orders/is forced but he's horrified, disgusted, and seriously messed up mentally by the encounter. Instead of comforting him or trying to understand Kirk's side, his significant other dumps him for cheating and the crew blames/is nasty to Kirk, since they aren't privy to starfleet's orders. Much angst ensues!

Keyword: Redemption

I've seen many takes on this prompt, all seeming to end sad which is why I haven't read them. Sad as in a broken Kirk, a broken relationship and K/S not getting back together. Mostly because Spock never found out...or he did but it was too late (Kirk ended up with Bones). I find it interesting that so many think a happy ending cannot be done. Kirk didn't believe in no-win scenarios and he didn't settle for the impossible. Instead of thinking in the box, he not only thought outside of the box but reshaped it. Saying something couldn't be done made him want to do whatever it was, even more. Yet, many feel that this prompt can only end in one way, heartbreak and it can only be written if the characters were extremely ooc. I think that is BS. A good author can make one believe in anything. They can take something old, already done and reshape it. The challenge here is to reshape this prompt and for that, you have to have the Kirk mentality and be as equally stubborn.

Stuff I would like to see but not required:

-A groveling and tortured Spock. Tortured as in self loathing. Kirk being all "fuck u, you didn't trust me, abandoned me, don't talk to me" and Spock maybe falling to his knees crying? "I have wronged you thyla in ways you/I cannot imagine. I'm so sorry." 

-Super awesome dramatic make up sex somewhere down the line is mandatory. Pretty please?

-Spock has to find out somehow. Kirk left and Spock is clearing the Captain's computer maybe? Kirk thinking his hacker skills is all that leaves the file there thinking it won't be found? Maybe Spock overhears a secret conversation from Starfleet officials? Maybe Spock and crew are on an away mission some angry person is all "I'll never forgive him for using me for information! I thought he loved me but he was only pretending to follow orders!" Spock, "What orders?" Angry person, "Oh you didn't know?"

-Big time angst. Things like K/S seeing each other from across the room. Accidental touching. Something with big time tension.

All is forgiven and it ends HAPPILY aka with Kirk/Spock together.

How to make it happy: To me, there are many steps for this to end happily. It has to start with the assignment and the misunderstanding. XI Kirk has a past seemingly of not being able to settle. This could be used. I prefer him not to cheat but get caught in an compromising position that looks like it. A break up happens and Spock shuts down. After all he's been through, why not shut down? Glares, gossip, avoidance and no one to believe. Fed up, Kirk leaves. He's bitter, depressed, still in love and lonely. Highly resentful towards Starfleet. Spock, Uhura, McCoy or someone finds out about assignment and is plagued with guilt. Finds Kirk yet Kirk has built walls. He doesn't want to listen or even be bothered. That's where everything slows down. Maybe he comes back to the ship. The crew is sorry but they have lost Kirk's trust. He is detached and doesn't get close to him. After all, how could his friends think he's still a 'man whore' or whatever. A slow building of trust, forgiveness and ultimately, a rekindling of a relationship.



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