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Challenges by PortableIce

Okay, this prompt is based off a reading I did for my feminist theory class. For those who are interested it's titled: "Body Matters: Cultural Inscriptions" by Lynne Segal (1994).

It's basically about how both the biomedical and media/pornography communities have created and defined what are "natural" or "normal" to the body.

One part in here I want this prompt to focus on is the myth of "penile prowess"  in which results in great anxieties in men about their "penile performance." Thus why a growing number of young men are taking viagra and other erectile dysfunction pills.

But here's a line I want to be the main highlight of the prompt: "Outside the fabulations and fantasmagoria of 'scientific' or pornographic texts the hominid penis is anything put permanently erect, anything but endlessly ready for unencumbered sex, anything but triggered by the nearest passing female--even when she happens to be his wife, mistress or lover, and eager for sex."

I want this to focus onm Jim and his personal anxieties about not living up to this myth, while in a relationship with Spock. I want him to find out one day that Spock's in the mood for sex, and yet Jim isn't fully or partially hard (the body language we use typically as a signal or proof of arousal), which leaves him ashamed and has him making an excuse to not participate.

I want this to occur several times after the first, like it might sometimes happen in a real relationship in which both partners are equal. And I want Jim running to Bones, a man who will have definitely dealt with this before, for anything to 'normalize' his sexual libido.

Have Bones explain not only to Jim, but also Spock that despite what has been long labeled as the truth, that not all men get constantly aroused at anything they are attracted too.

Lastly, I want Spock to be fully understanding in a way that sort of correlates to his own experiences that he has felt ashamed of; since both them actually involve punishment from peers or a community for having a "deviant" body (a body that doesn't fit the ideals we hold up, like intersex, trasngender, transsexuals, non-white, non-heterosexual, non-male, etc. Any body that is labeled "other").

Happy ending please too.

Also I prefer Bottom Jim if anybody doesn't mind.

Categories: Fiction Characters: McCoy

Ok, after witnessing Kirk's death, Picard goes to tell Spock about his T'hy'la's demise. This results in major depression for Spock even though he finally has closure on his love's whereabouts and fate.

Feeling bad for both men who have done a long list of great things for himself, his crew, Starfleet, and the universe, Picard basically goes to the one man who can make this right--and always leaves him a mess of tangled emotions and thoughts, Q. He offers to do Q a big favor of his desire if he can bring Kirk back alive and let the two most epic guys in the universe live the rest of their lives together, especially in death. (One suggestion: maybe have some life force from Spock transferred to Kirk as to equal out their "natural" lifespans)

The favor that Q requests of Picard, since he too is in a turmoil of personal proportions whenever they meet, is actually very surprisingly sweet and romantic; a double happy ending for the story.

Bonus for the piece having equal parts humor, angst, and happiness.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Bottom Jim with him wearing stilettos high heels, stockings, and a garter belt, all matching. Underwear/panties optional; the same with any other clothes.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Spock went to Starfleet on one condition; they let him bring his pet Sehlat (Name is up to you) with him. After proving that his Sehlat is harmless and tame to the admirals, the two begin living in San Francisco.However, due to the two's intimidating appearance, nobody ever befriends them.

Years later when Spock is promoted to lietenant commander, something different happens during their evening walk through the park: a mischievous blonde and white alaskan malamute (The name of it is up to you too) tackles Spock's Sehlat and runs away, which gets the Sehlat dragging Spock all over the park in pursuit of the dog.

In a few minutes later, Spock ends up meeting the dog's guardian (who refuses to be called an owner, since the dog is not an object but a living, breathing being), who is James Kirk. Spock and his Sehlat are mesmerized by the pair, especially when the two remain unintimindated, even excited, about the Vulcan and his pet.

Thus a love affair occurs between Jim and Spock, and the dog and Sehlat. Jim isn't a member of Starfleet at all and instead works in a car, motorcycle, and shuttle repair station. Also the dog is a certified therapy canine that often visits veterans, detentionary center for teenagers to change their ways, families of dead soldiers, and/or children who were abused or orphaned.

If there is any sex scene (Humans and vulcans only please), I would like it if Jim was the bottom.

Bonus for Spock trying to get his Sehlat to also be a therapy pet/animal.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

During a research session on his human heritage, while in his second year in Starfleet, Spock accidently downloads a porn video that changes him into a nonstop horny machine: a pornography starring Jim Kirk (Under a porn name as to maintain his privacy) as the fuckable and loud bottom.

Thus, Spock becomes extremely fascinated with Jim and is addicted to watching pornography videos in which he stars in (always a bottom). He even buys a porn magazine, anonymously of course, that is a special edition on Jim with pictures articles, interviews, a free DVD of his latest project, and more. When Spock reads about his obsession being turned on by light skinned, dark haired and eyes, male aliens with at least two times more strength than humans, Spock's fantasies start delving into himself being to one (and the only one) fucking Jim in all of his videos.

By the time he's almost finished his last year as a cadet in Starfleet, a strange thing occurs: Jim drops out and disappears from the porn world. Spock greatly mourns this, until his first year of teaching, when he spots the man that was and still is the center of his sex fantasies stepping out of the shuttle from Iowa and joining Starfleet.

Will Spock finally get to satisfy his sexual fantasies and guck Jim? Or will Jim's determination to have a celibate life (must be mostly a personal reason) prevent such a thing from happening? Especially when Jim actually wants to have a serious, stable, healthy, and happy relationship for once in his life?

Please, in all sex scenes in which Jim is involved in, make him the bottom. Thank you to anybody who answers this prompt.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

James Kirk is an infamous journalist for a magazine that really pokes fun at, satirizes, and criticizes Starfleet. However, when on his blog (Which has a name that people who read his magazine articles wouldn't be able to associate with him), he's an intellectual genius of a writer that engages with other brilliant minds all over the universe, especially with those at Starfleet.

When Spock first comes to Starfleet, he's harrassed by James about his decision to enter Starfleet over the Vulcan Science Academy, while poking fun at him. Spock comes to resent Jim because of that.

However, when he's introduced to Jim on his blog, which he learns of when he overhears his senior peers talking about with various attitudes towards Jim, he feels that he has finally found his equal. They become fast friends and even play chess over the internet.

Now Spock really wants to meet Jim in person, and convinces Jim to meet him at a local vegetarian restaurant, despite the latter's reluctance to do so. When Spock finds out that the blogger he has come to adore and see as a potential lover for the near future is James, he is full of strong and choatic emotions.

Spock acts out in anger and disgust, and insults Jim in the most intellectual way and ditches him at the restaurant.

Now the rest of this is up to you, but it must have a happy ending. I hope you really enjoy this. In addition, I would like this story to not have any graphic sex scenes. You could do some "lime," but please no full blown "lemon" scenes. I want this to really be focused on the emotions, words, and actions of Spock and Jim.

Thank you to anybody who answers this prompt!

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Spock and Uhura come from very wealthy and famous families and attend the Interplanetary Academy for Gifted Minds that is a few miles outside San Francisco, CA. They are best friends, at the top of the social ladder in the academy, and really want to find their soulmate/T'hy'la as their parents have.

James Kirk and (Scotty or Galia, your choice) are orphaned/run aways and poor. They're admitted to the academy on scholarship that also requires them to have a job at the academy. (It's with a teacher that believes they're stupid, is disgusted by them, and thinks they're sleeping with someone of high status either inside or outside of the school as an explanation for their admission) In addition, they also have an extra job outside of school.

They share a run down two room apartment together (bathroom and other) that is an hour from the academy, since the dorms provided by and near the academy are super expensive. This living arrangement has mostly everyone believing that they're sleeping with each other, even though all they are are best friends. (They tried to be lovers, but it got too awkward quickly and felt wrong to both of them)

However, they are geniuses that are on par with Spock and Uhura level of intelligence. But they still are on the very bottom run of the social ladder (which seems to be on the verge of falling off the damn thing entirely) and are condsidered to be slobs or carriers of some kind of disease, physical or social in form.

After days of staring and watching/stalking the two mentioned above, Spock and Uhura are loving (Not "in love", which is a dominant/subordinant power relationship, not one of equality. Just remember: Being in love is like being in a ditch, they're both out of your control.) Jim and (Scotty or Galia) respectively.

Problem is that Jim and (Scotty or Galia) have no experience of serious and honest non-platonic loving, so they don't believe Spock and Uhura. Thus, the two wealthy teens must roll up their uniform shirt sleeves and learn the art of wooing in order to have their love reciprocated by the insecure, poor geniuses.

Happy Ending Please!

Pairings: Jim/Spock and (Scotty or Galia)/Uhura

Bottom Jim in sex scenes too, please.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Gaila, Scott, Uhura

Jim and Spock are part of an intergalactic circus with the ship in which they travel/live in as the "tent" and place of the show. They are famous, talented, and beautiful acrobats, in addition to being lovers. They often do shows in which they enact stories that pair each other as lovers. They enjoy their job and doing such performances.

Just tell their sort of life story as lovers, talented acrobats, and working/living in a circus. Have some moments of jealousy and doubt. Also include somebody employed in the circus telling a very accurate account of how Jim and Spock got together please.

In addition, in the sex scenes, please have Jim as bottom.

Bonus if they enact one of their shows in their bedroom as a sort of sex role playing.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Basically Spock and Jim play a long running sexual game in which Jim must maintain his dominanting and ruthless authority (or lose power and fear from his crew), while subject to sexual domination from Spock.

For example, Jim has to maintain his demeaning figure while having a technologically advance dildo in his ass driving him crazy.

Or Spock sending Jim thoughts and visions of said captain submitting to said Vulcan and acting like a wanton whore under his control.

Be adventurous here.

Bonus if you include sounding; a sex dildo that randomly inflates, deflates, and thrusts at various strengths, depths, and speeds; a sex toy that stimulates the rim; etc. Go crazy with your pervy imagination.

And if you didn't get my direct hints: I want Jim as bottom, please.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None

Jim has a dog and they have a mutual loving relationship with each other. However, the dog is protective of Jim, and has a long running track of disapproving of any boyfriend Jim brings home and chasing them out of the house.

However, one day in a walk through San Francisco, the dog spots Spock at a book store, looking for books that would help him undertsnad the humans he's surrounded by ever since he entered Starfleet. The dog likes Spock right away and wants him to be Jim's lover, thus draging Jim all the way through traffic, since they're on the other side of the street from where Spock is.

However, Spock is intimidated by the dog and harshly tells Jim to get his dog away from him, while insulting said beloved dog at the same time. This angers Jim, and they end up having a bad start. Their relationship worsens with every meeting, despite the dog's efforts.

But that changes when one night, Jim accidently and unknowingly consumes something he's really allergic to. The dog, knowing immediately what when wrong, tries to get Jim to safety away from traffic. The dog succeeds and then starts searching for help as Jim sinks into anaphylactic shock.

The dog runs into Spock and tries to get him to help Jim. It takes stealing his scarf made by his human mother for Spock to follow. When Spock sees Jim and signs of his struggle to breathe, he carries Jim bridal style and rushes him to the Starfleet medical center with dog in tow. (Spock does get his scarf back right after he arrives where Jim is)

While Jim is rushed into ER, Spock sits in the waiting room with Jim's dog by his side, worrying for Jim with tense pacing and whimpering. Spock warms up to and comforts Jim's dog as they wait.

From here, their relationship improves as Spock gets to know Jim as he assists Jim and his dog at his stay in the hospital, and they learn that they share many common interests. Spock starts visiting Jim to make sure he's okay and learns about Jim's past relationships (and his dog's infamous reputation). Their relationship grows as they spend time together at cafes, fairs, science conventions, the beack, sailing trips (never read a fic in which they went sailing), and a gay pride parade.

They soon are loving each other (bell hooks, "Romance: Sweet Love" (2000)) and become lovers. Spock tells his mother, since his father is not one for phone conversations at all, which leads to a surprising development: his parents are going to be visiting Spock on Earth very soon and want to meet Jim while they're at it.

Spock is freaking out in his own way about this, which is made even more conflicting by Jim's moving in with his dog to Spock's off-campus apartment. What will Spock due?

I want Spock and Jim to have a happy ending together. The dog needs to be large and/or strong enough to pull Jim across a traffic clustered street, so keep that in mind.

Major requirement: Jim's and Spock's relationship shall not be described in terms of "in love", only "loving". Refer to the source given in the eighth paragraph of the work that will help to make you understand what I mean (Though you'll have to read it quite a few times to get it, despite hooks's lacking of academic wording writing). If you can't find this work and want to read it, just e-mail me; I have the book it's in and will scan the section for your to read.

Please, in any sex scenes have Jim as bottom.

Bonus if Sarek is like really scruntinizing, but Jim isn't fazed by this and treats him and Amanda as family and hugs both of them. Have Spock freak out at this and try to separate them to save Jim, only to be shocked when Sarek returns the hug. Sarek's explanation: might as well get to know and be comfortable with my soon-to-be son-in-law.

Super duper bonus if you have Spock's family really liking Jim's very smart and friendly dog. Including T'Pau (Maybe use a future scene or story if you want to fulfill this bonus).

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Sarek

Right after the Narada incident, the Emperor, who is becoming a bit unpopular with rumors of uprising starting to trickle in, decrees that the recently widowed Mrs. Kirk and her sons be moved to San Francisco and be under his care. Winona is very suspicious of this, despite her depression, and remarries Frank, a best friend and loyal confident of hers, to raise her sons and protect them from the Emperor as she starts her extensive Starfleet duty, which she is suddenly given by the Emperor himself.

As Sam and Jim grow up, they are constantly held at a large distance away from the scheming ruler. However, one day Jim slips under Frank's and Sam's watch and guard, and wanders into the Emperor in the large mansion they live in with said ruler. Too Pretty for the egotistical ruler to resist, Jim is suddenly trained to be and becomes his consort at a young age, even though Jim wants to be a Starfleet Captain instead. When Frank finds out, he tries to get Jim back, but is punished harshly and made a cripple. Sam tries to get his baby brother back and loses an eye. When Winona finds out... Well, she suddenly disappears and is never heard from again. Thus, Jim remains under the Emperor's control, given all the books and luxuries he wants, but is never allowed to have any relationship with anybody else. Any time the Emperor allows him to leave to go else where, Jim is covered from from head to toe in clothing and wears a plain mask, in addition to a large barrage of guards around him.

However, things change when Jim is eighteen: the rarely seen empire of Vulcan appears and wages war against the Terran Empire. It ends quickly once the humans realize what they want and allow him access to their Emperor, if they promise to treat them better than their now former ruler did. Thus, the Emperor is publicly killed and the Vulcans now rule Earth and their somewhat vast Empire. During a raid of the Emperor's many homes, but focussed on the one in San Francisco, Jim is found, clothed in the manner that allows him to be outside when he was under the Emperor's rule. But once Jim realizes what has happened, he takes things into his own hands: he manipulates the Vulcans to get him in one of their very advanced but small spaceships, kicks them out, and steals it. 

When the Vulcan empire hears of this, they send Spock, a halfbreed that is cherished on Vulcan for his ability to out do any warrior and conquering many planets for them, to retrieve the thief because of one thing: unknowingly, Jim is wearing a holy and sacred artifact stolen from Vulcan that is said to only worn by those destined to be especially great for Vulcan itself. 

So basically I want a Spock/Jim story here in which Spock is logical but also emotional and very toppy with a clever, genius, and defiant Jim (who is a bottom and a teasing one at that). 

Bonus if Spock has a certain human crew to help him track Jim.

Bonus if Jim does become great in that he saves Vulcan from the deranged Nero with some help of his seduction skills, which pisses off Spock once Nero is dead and the Narada is destroyed and has him fucking Jim in the transporter to remind him who he's mated to. 

Another Bonus if Spock Prime (remember this is the mirror verse) is accompanied by Kirk Prime (again mirror verse), who he resurrected and bonded to him as his bondmate, and the two meet Spock and Jim of this verse and start making all kinds of weird comments that alluded to similar things that happened in the prime universe that almost made it have a similar outcome to this one. And have Spock Prime become touchy-feely possessive with his T'hy'la when he learns of this. 

Super duper bonus for Spock and Jim first meeting in a club in which Jim manipulates Spock into position for Jim to ride his green cock as Spock tries desperately to not only get his hands on the artifact, but also prevent himself from getting lost in the sex and proceeding to fuck Jim's brains out and claim him as his mate.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Gaila, McCoy, Original Character(s), Scott, Sulu, Uhura

There is a forum site on the Enterprise's network systems that allows the crew to communicate and interact in different manners. There is one section where fanfiction in written about the crew itself, allowing for the authors to be anymonous to the readers. Most fics are about the bridge crew, though not all are. 

While Jim Kirk is exploring this section, browsing for a good read since he can't get to sleep, he finds a bunch of fanfics from a single author that all share one thing in common: they all have Spock/Jim Kirk as the main pairing. Jim is intrigued by this and reads them. 

Already having feelings for his first officer, Jim's fantasies about being together with Spock increase with every fic he reads from that same author. Sometimes, Jim reads them and acts out the sex scenes with the assistance of sex toys. 

However, this gets problematic when Jim starts getting aroused during his shifts that remind him a lot of the fics, making Jim feel ashamed of himself for his lack of control over his pervy thoughts and libido. 

One time it gets so bad (you can choose what the situation is and how it became bad for Jim) that Jim runs all the way back to his courters to solve the situation with the assistance of his padd that has an erotic fanfic opened on it and a large fat green dildo. 

However, Jim forgets to lock the door to his courters, so when Spock enters to check up on Jim to make sure he's okay, he enters the bedroom as Jim is coming and moaning out the present half Vulcan's name. A minute of recovery later and Jim realizes that Spock is there and has seen and heard everything, thus he squeaks (yes, squeaks) and tries to run to the bathroom with the dildo still in his ass. 

But before Jim can get off the bed, Spock pins him down there and smexy times ensue. 

A few days later, which consists of more kinky sex and Jim being made Spock's bitc--boyfriend, Jim finds out that Spock was the author of all of those sexy Spock/Jim fanfictions that the former was simulating. Questions ensue, but all of this ends with a happy ending. 

Now you need to write at least three scenes in which Jim simulates through his hand, clothes, and toys the sex in one fanfiction each. One of the fics must be an AU in which Starfleet doesn't exist. 

Also I want Jim as Bottom in all sex scenes.

Categories: Fiction Characters: None