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Hello all. my real (but incomplete) name is Raelynn Knight. i'm 15, i live in a small town in Florida that's overrun by nudists and rednecks.

I'm smart, i'm weird, i'm obsessive, i'm vegan, i'm pansexual, i play guitar and, sometimes, i write.

Normally i read and write bandslash almost exclusively but Star Trek is one of my few exceptions. Lastly, i'm better at catching others' mistakes than catching my own. from that sentence draw two things: i'm a pretty okay beta (and feel free to hit me up, even if we're strangers), but most of my work is unedited, so don't use it as a benchmark for my grammatical prowess.

On another note, i'm in the International Baccalaureate program (think AP on crack), so "free time" is not a concept i'm familiar with. if i don't update for a while, it's not that i've lost interest, it's that homework is kicking my ass.

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Challenges by Dear Norma Jeane
Summary: Based off the movie Dr. horrible's sing-along blog. Spock is sick of seeing the unfairness of the world. In his opinion, it won't be fixed passive-aggressively and he becomes a sort of good-intentioned super villain, aiming to take over the world in order to make it a better place.  All the while, he's in love with Jim, an advocate for a homeless shelter. But Jim starts seeing his arch nemesis, Captain Hammer (you choice of character, male or female, or just the same character from the movie.) Basically I want a retelling of the musical, but not a strict adaptation. Id like to see some of the dialogue from he movie adapted to suit the characters (especially Dr. H's pie metaphor and CH's line about his junk) but not just a transcript of the movie.  I would like:   -more explanation as to DH!Spock's motives and thoughts, lots of introspection on his part. Make it believable that he's a "villain". Emphasize the original DH's idea that killing is bad. Have some internal conflict over the Bad Horse character's demand for murder.  - Spock and Jim to get together, regardless of how you choose to end it.   -I would like Penny!Jim to have a *little* less interest in the captain hammer character (but not to be TOTALLY disinterested) and a little more interest in Spock (but still go out with captain hammer, at least in the beginning)   -Don't have them singing. I've read fics where they sing and It just doesn't work for me. Have the plot of the songs explained in prose.   -Bottom!Jim The end is up to you, it can follow the movie (which I won't spoil here in case you decide to go another direction) or it can go in another direction.
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