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It has been awhile since I have updated my fics here and I appologise. I am still working on them and hope to update them soon. I know it is hard to wait on a fic so I appolgise in advance for that, but I want it to be a story worth reading, something you'll enjoy and want to re-read over and over. I am thinking on re-writing parts of A Trick or Eros and potentially adding some new chapters to it. I am also working on the new chapter of A Matter for Ma'at and once it is done will have it posted. After that I will likely not post anymore of A Matter for Ma'at until I have it done. That way I can update them faster.

Please feel free to comment here, on my LJ or on my Facebook page (Kat Dreamwind). If you have questions I will galadly answer them, and my FB page is regularly updated on which fics I am working on and estimates on when they'll be done.

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Challenges by dreamwind

Prompt: A Tarsus IV tale about Jim rescuing other "Black List" survivors and keeping them alive while Kodos' men scower the countryside for them. I want to see all the angst and pain of Jim's time on Tarsus and what he had to do to keep himself and the others alive.

Somehow after weeks/months during Kodos' reign Jim manages to get an SOS out and it is not recieved by Starfleet like in Cannon but by a Vulcan ship. So the Vulcan's doing the logical thing get some of their ships to the colony and take down Kodos and rescue Jim and the other survivors. Jim and the others are of course sceptical about the whole thing but eventually Sarek convinces them they really are their to aid them. Sarek of course should become all illogically protective of Jim as he learns about everything the little human went through and did.

Bonus: Pre-slash or Slash for Spock/Kirk

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Amanda, Sarek

Somehow Kirk is turned into a wild breed of feline (ex. Tiger, leopard, lynx, smilodon, lematya or alien species). The crew is cautiously fearful of their captains new form, so Spock takes over as feline!Kirk's caretaker because he has experience with large dangerous animals, ie his childhood pet I'Chaya. So feline!Kirk shares meals with Spock, follows him everywhere, sleeps in his quarters and maybe on the bed as well and falls "in love" with his Vulcan caregiver.

Bonus: if Kirk retains the ability to take on the feline form at will after he is returned to being human.

Bonus major: Spock and feline!Kirk engage in acts of bestiality before Kirk turns back to human. Kirk can be barbed or un-barbed as per Anon's choice.


Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: None

Someone at Starfleet HQ hears about Spock and Uhura and decides to have Uhura transfered off the Enterprise for having an affair with a supirior officer and still being listed under his command. They send the transfer notice to Jim, who knows Spock and Uhura are totally in love, sends a notice back that their information is incorrect. That Spock is in a relationship with him and he does not appriciate HQ using a 'rumor' as a reason to steal away his communications officer. HQ then responds by demanding that Kirk either have Spock transfered off the Enterprise, transfer himself off or that he marries Spock so that there won't be any legal issues that can crop up and prove detremental to his Command or Starfleet.

Spock & Uhura of course are PISSED when they find out what Jim did. Uhura refuses to allow that Spock is transfered off the Enterprise or that he marries their Slutty Captain and demands the Captain have himself transfered off the Enterprise instead.

Anon would prefer that Spock and Jim choose the forced marriage option and that Jim later transfers off the ship once he realizes he is in love with Spock and can't take feeling Spock having sex with Uhura through the marriage bond anymore. Would of course love you even more if somewhere down the road Spock and Uhura break up and Spock realizes what an idiot he is and chases Jim down to where ever he went to lick his wounds.

Forced Marriage
Unrequented/One-sided K/S

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: Uhura

So TOS had a lot of random old Earth Deities pop up in the episodes. I would love to see a Reboot version where they land on a planet where the old Egyptian Gods are living and Jim of course unknowingly hits on one. Perferably Bastet.

I would love it if Anon could fit in Jim telling the Cat Goddess that his name is "James T for Tomcat Kirk." Would especially love it if said Goddess actually decided he was spunky and she liked him. And since she like him she would "gift" him with the ability to take on the form of various felines.

Bonus pts for any K/S, K/Mc or K/S/Mc
Dbl pts for Jim using the ability to turn into a cat to save the day

Even more amusing is the fact that Bastet, besides being a Cat diety, is also a fertility diety. So do with that little tidbit wht you will.

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: McCoy

Massive AU prompt

During the incident on Tarsus IV Govenor Kodos makes a deal with the devil (Klingons or Orion slavers) to try and save the starving colonists. To get some untainted food he sells Jim and a bunch of other kids from the death list. Que years later Cpt Spock inadvertently rescuing slave/whore Jim from his owners. Spock of course gets stuck with Jim and tries to teach him how to be free and ends up falling in love.

So AU, H/C, slave-fic, dub/non-con, soloM, M/M Spirk

Can be either TOS or AOS universe.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: None

So the rumors abound about Jim and Spock's torrid romance. At first Jim thinks it's highly amusing but eventually it just starts to chafe him since he doesn't think that he and Spock have really reached true friendship yet. In fact Spock can barley stand to be in the same room with him if they aren't on duty. So where is his crew getting this idea that they are f*cking like bunnies?

Of Course Jim hates the rumors because it makes him watch Spock and realize that Spock is a highly attractive man and not just physically. But again, Spock seems determined to remain frigid with him outside of Bridge duty and missions. So to put the rumors, and his own growing attraction to ground, Jim decides to hook up with Random Alien A/Random Canon Character on some planet/during dipolmatic event/etc.

Would love if Anon could find a happy K/S ending, but would really love to see Jim's frustration and angst during the whole thing. The more angst the better!






Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Chekov, Chris Pike, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Sulu, Uhura

Everyone believes Jim is a big perv, after all he went through how many men and women at the Academy. So when security and/or Scotty finds out someone has been hacking the security feeds to spy on people in their quarters they/he thinks it must be Jim. Scotty brings it up to Jim who denies, denies, denies but no one believes him. PO'd he starts stalking the feeds/putting on a "show" hoping to find out who the voyeur really is.

Would prefer the voyeur be either McCoy or Spock. Whichever one isn't the hacker I would love to see participating in a "show" with Jim. Would also love a K/S/M threesome ending.

Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: McCoy, Scott

So..Kinda' a long prompt but I want a fic where Jim is only half human. The other half of him is some type of animal/alien creature. This could be from illegal genetc re-engineering, alien technology (like the fiasco with Janice Lester), etc. But they are unable to fully reverse it, maybe it occured when he was a child away from Earth for the first time(Tarsus IV)? Anyway...Jim goes into heat and Spock as one of the few non-humans onboard is effected by the pheromones Jim is producing. Spock chases him all over the ship before eventually catching and breeding him. Eventually they both get their rational minds back and want to ignore the whole embarissing episode, but find that difficult to do when Jim starts having some very strong "nesting" behaviors. Maybe he starts building a nest with stolen clothing, blankets, etc. in a jeffries tube.

Mating Heat
Nesting Behavior

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: None

So Jim has patently been trying to grow his "friendship" with Spock into what Prime!Spock had spoken of but just as he is ready to confess his attraction to Spock he catches Bones and Spock in the act. Heart broken but still happy that his friends are happy Jim carries on like nothing has changed. Until they meet alien species A and are asked to take part in a sacred ritual. In order to complete the mission they agree only to find out that it requires all three of them to have sex with each other in a scared temple/in front of an audience, etc. Afterwards things begin to go downhill fast as Jim can't stop thinking about it and about how Spock doesn't want him and his best friend still doesn't trust him enough to tell him he is in a relationship with the guy Jim has fallen for. If that isn't bad enough Jim finds out that he had latent engineered DNA which allowed him to become pregnant with Spock &/or Bones baby. Do Bones & Spock figure it out? Is there a happy ending?






K/S one-sided


Categories: Fiction, Works in Progress Characters: McCoy

Prompt: On an alien planet Jim and Spock have sex (can be sex pollen, spores or alien ritual) afterwards they pretend it didn't happen. At least until Jim finds out he is pregnant. But as no one knows that Jim was illegally genetically altered on Tarsus IV. Freaked out that everyone will find out and they would be disgusted and he'll lose his place as Captain and be arrested, Jim flees at the first shore leave planet, space station, etc. No one realizes this until he is supposed to return to the ship and doesn't. Freaked out that he has been captured by Romulans, Orions slavers or Klingons the Enterprise go in search of him.

Bonus: It would be amusing if sometime after running away Jim is captured by the Romulans, Orions slavers or Klingons and the crew rescues him only to find him very obviously pregnant.

Key Points: Aliens-made-them-do-it, Angst, K/S, Mpreg, Genetically engeneered!Jim

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: None

Timeline: Post ST: XI

Pairing: Spock/Uhura(existing), Spock/Jim(pre-slash to slash)

Warnings: UST, Masturbation, Angst, Voyeruism

Summery: Spock and Uhura are still together but Spock is starting to realize that he can't logic away the fact that he is homosexual. But so far Uhura is really his only close friend and it is only natural to make her happy, right? Even if that means participating in a romantic/sexual relationship that didn't bring him any happiness?

So one night Uhura finally convinces Spock to have sex with her, but Spock is finding it hard to really get into it. It takes all his control just to get it up enough to start but halfway through he starts to realize he's going soft. But wait! Jim saves the day again. On the other side of the bulkhead Spock can hear the Captain pleasuring himself and the sound, which only Spock is able to hear thanks to his super Vulcan hearing, spurs him to greater heights of passion. Time should pass and Spock finds he can only perform for Uhura if Kirk is pleasuring himself next door. Uhura should figure out something is wrong and eventually breaks it off. No "evil, bitch" Uhura please.

Should start off with S/U but end with a happy K/S.

Categories: Works in Progress, Fiction Characters: Uhura