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Rewatching "Amok Time" and "Journey to Babel" for like 50th time. I've had this idea stuck in my head for awhile. 

Sometime after the end of "Amok Time" T'Pau informs Sarek and Amanda that it is unnecessary for them to find someone for Spock because even though T'pring rejected him and he left, Spock has a bondmate.(*cough*Kirk*cough* How could she not know that Kirk faked his death! She has amazing Vulcan powers that make Kirk/Spock happen. That and she saw them roll around in the sand together...mmmm...)

Anyways, During "Journey to Babel" Amanda (and Sarek) try to figure out who Spock's bondmate is.

Bonus- The one person she/they don't suspect is Kirk.

Another Bonus- Kirk tries to drop some hints.

Another Bonus- They eventually find out that Kirk is Spock's bondmate.

Super Awesome Bonus of Awesome - It's McCoy or Chapel that tells Amanda and Sarek. ("He totally smiled at Jim. He's denies, but I saw it damnit."

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