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English is'nt my native language, so excuse my errors. My answers to the storys are not so exact how I want, and so they are to short for that what I want to say. I apologise. I learned very much english here by reading the storys and have a translator. It makes much fun. I love it.

A big wish from me: I have my problems with word abreviations. It would be very friendly of every author if they wrote on the end of their storys what the short words mean. Sometimes I have no chance to understand. Sometimes I discover. ;-)
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Summary: Hauptcharaktere: Jim, Spock, McCoy * Main-Pairing: Jim & Spock * Genre: Humor * Bones bets, that Jim can't make Spock laugh in front of the crew. Jim believes that he can do it. The whole thing grows to a ship wide secret bet and Spock doesn't know as the only one anything about that. Make it sure, that Jim wins. ;-) **** Jim und McCoy schließen eine Wette ab. Bedingung: Jim muss Spock öffentlich dazu bringen zu lachen. Pille wettet natürlich, dass Jim das nicht hinkriegt, und Jim ist sich gewiss, dass er es schafft. Das Ganze wird zu einer heimlichen schiffsweiten Wette, von der Spock nichts mitbekommt. Jim schafft es natürlich Spock zum Lachen zu bringen. ;-) *** I would like it, if someone could write it in german, but I'll be also very glad if it is in english. ;-)
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