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My names Jess and I love Spirk. I also go by this username on Fanfiction so any stories you see posted both here and there are both posted by me.

That's all you need to know. :)

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Challenges by jessica499499

Seeking an Alternate Universe fic where Spock and Jim meet at a comic or sci-fi convention.

Both are working at different booths or maybe competing booths (You decide)

Both are human (This is a must.)

They can cosplay if you like (bonus points if you have Spock wear fake pointed ears at least one time.)

Maybe a scene where they compete/meet at a trivia competition of their favorite series? (You decide.)

Bonus points if you can bring in Uhura bashing or Chekov/Sulu.

Other than that feel free to do what you like. All that is absolutly required is that their be tons of Spirk and at least a T rating. The hotter the better.



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