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Challenges by Arcadii
Summary: What if the widowed Winona Kirk and widower Sarek met at Jim and Spock's bonding ceremony and were attracted to one another? How would the dynamics between parent and child affect the relationship of Jim and Spock (hopefully lots of fireworks). Must have comedic elements for the situation balanced with heavy angst between the spatting lovers. Prefer K/S Reboot universe and bottom Spock. *Bonus points for Jim and(or) Spock catching their parents in a compromising situation of your choice. *Bonus points for Jim going to Uhura for advice and for Spock going to McCoy. *Bonus points for hot/steamy make-up sex. Have fun!
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To Heal a Sundered Soul


I’ve never made a challenge before, so forgive me if this is kind of rambling.  Abrams universe, please with fluff kept to a minimum and lots of angst, but a happy ending is a must! Spock/bottom and if you want to make it an mpreg, I wouldn’t kick up a fuss about it.


Spock and Jim are unconsiously linked and are able to access knowledge from each other.


Spock is mentally mature, but not sexually.  Technically he's still going through Vulcan puberty.



The story starts:


Ambassador Sarek and his pregnant wife were on a VDC (Vulcan Diplomatic Corps) ship when they received the distress call from the Kelvin.  Amanda and Winona go into labor at the same time.  James and Spock are born simultaneously.  The Vulcan ship rescues several of the shuttles, Winona and Jim’s included.  They are both taken to the healing bay where Winona refuses contact with her premature baby, irrationally blaming him for his father’s death. 


Spock is unable to nurse due to his mother’s milk being incompatible with his physiology, but the Vulcan healer wants to mix Amanda’s milk with Vulcan nutrients to make it acceptable.  Amanda’s milk is being humanly stubborn and refuses to come in for a manual breast pump.  One of the healers gets the idea for Amanda to wet-nurse a premature Jim, giving him what he needs and getting Amanda’s body the stimulus it requires for milk production.


Both babies are kept in a bassinet in Amanda’s room where they snuggle together and cry when separated.  While nursing the small bundle, Amanda forms an attachment to Jim.  When the ship gets back to Vulcan, Winona and her son are transferred to a Starfleet ship for their journey back to Earth.  Amanda and Spock grieve for the loss.


Spock is given a rudimentary bond to T’Pring at age seven, but gets painful headaches that he doesn’t tell his parents about.  He is aware of her contempt for him and thinks that her rejection is the cause of his difficulties.  He wants to please his father and learns to be twice the Vulcan as his peers, but no matter how well he does, he always feels empty and lacking.  At sixteen his father wants him to create a betrothal bond with T’Pring so that they will be drawn together at his Ponn Farr.  His mind and body rebel at the thought of having any more contact with her and he runs away to Earth.  Deciding that the only place he would feel welcome in the whole galaxy would be Starfleet, he uses Andorian? years (on Vulcan, he’s still a minor and a ward of his father until his first ponn farr) which is technically not a lie, to meet the age requirements.


Winona finds the first man she can stomach to marry and saddle with her children so that she can resume her career in Starfleet, preferably as far from Earth as she can get.  Frank is an alcoholic opportunist who is as opposite in looks and temperament to George Kirk as Winona could find.  He sees Winona as an easy meal ticket, spending her salary on himself and letting the kids live in squalor; he is physically and mentally abusive.  Looking for love in all of the wrong places, Jim tries to fill his emptiness with sex and eventually, following Sam’s lead runs away and winds up in San Francisco.


Amanda leaves Sarek over the treatment of her son and goes back to Earth.  She’s sure that Spock will want to join Starfleet, so makes her way to San Francisco where she gets a job as an English professor at a local college.  Knowing that Spock needs to prove his choices are right, she monitors him, but does not approach.  She bumps into Jim and he feels familiar, so she invites him to stay with her.  He eases the loneliness she feels for her own son and she fills part of his need for family.  In their four years together, she helps Jim finish school to enroll in Starfleet Academy.


Four years have passed and Spock, as expected has excelled and is now a full professor where he meets a brash cadet whom he’s immediately attracted to; he doesn’t understand the feelings and avoids the young human.  Unlike most Vulcan’s, Spock finds it easy to interact with humans – it’s like he just knows how to avoid socially awkward situations.  He’s had people show sexual interest in him before, but without encouragement, they usually fade away or turn to companionship, like his friend, Nyota. 


Jim feels an immediate attraction to a Vulcan professor on campus, but doesn’t tell Amanda.  He doesn’t know much about her, except that she used to be married, has lost her son and whenever anything Vulcan comes up, it upsets her.  Wanting to impress Professor Spock, Jim hacks into the Vulcan’s pet project, the programming of the Kobayashi Maru test.  He doesn’t need anyone’s help to do it; it just seems to come to him.


*Your preference after the disciplinary hearing and Vulcan’s distress call.


*Spock saves his father and Sarek is forced to acknowledge that his son’s choices were valid.  He also informs a grieving Spock that his mother is safe on Earth.


*Jim goads Spock into losing control and the minute their flesh touches for the first time, the t’hy’la bond triggers and Spock goes into ponn farr, but they don’t have time to consummate it now.  Once the dust settles, Spock discovers his chronic headaches are gone and Dr. M’Benga deduces that they were caused by Spock’s mind rejecting the bond with T’Pring.


Bonus: Amanda chewing out Winona for her neglect and blackmailing her for Jim’s custody.


Bonus:  Tortured Sarek, thinking his family would be better off without him, grows more understanding of emotions. 


Bonus: Gaila (not dying) and being in a stable relationship with Nyota.


Bonus: Happy family reunion (Sarek, Amanda, Spock and Jim) in San Francisco.


Bonus: Bones getting the last word.  


If you take this on, you’ll earn my eternal gratitude!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gaila, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, T'Pring, Uhura

Everything is in bloom in my neck of the woods and everyone is sneezing with hay fever and allergies. I'm asking for a fic that can be comedic or angsty where for once there's a flu or virus floating around the Enterprise and the crew members with iron based blood are immune and the crew members with copper based (namely Spock, but he needs enough company to keep sickbay hopping) are miserable.

Prefer Reboot Kirk/Spock in an established relationship.

Symptoms are up to you, but they must be bad enough to make a stoic Vulcan miserable.

*Bonus for Kirk blackmailing McCoy into bottling up his snark about Spock's Vulcan physiology until its killing him to be nice and he explodes.

*Bonus for some reason that's Spock can't or is unable to enter a healing trance.

*Bonus for someone singing the Soft Kitty song from The Big Bang Theory TV show.

Have fun!

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Gaila, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

How different would the universe be if Sarek had been killed during a diplomatic mission and Amanda had taken a young Spock to live on Earth? Hopefully a longish fic and I prefer Abrams universe AU with bottom/Spock, angst, hurt/comfort.

 *You can decide Spock's age when Sarek is killed and he and his mother move to Earth(prefer anything preteen).

 *Would like to see Amanda working in an academic world - could growing up in a more liberal atmosphere affect Spock by him acting more human (learned behavior through association) or more Vulcan (to honor his father) - you decide.

 *Without the anger at the VSA, would Spock choose Starfleet or would a similar atmosphere in academia give the same impetus and how would this affect his meeting with Jim Kirk?

  •  Bonus for Christopher Pike dating Amanda.
  • Bonus for Spock retaining heir of house and having to endure Vulcan training at the Vulcan embassy.
  •  Bonus for an interfering T'Pau having disagreements with Amanda on the proper way to raise Spock.
  •  Bonus for Amanda thinking that Spock needs a male influence and asks Chris to do father/son things like camping and some kind of sport.
  •  Bonus for Chris (now stepfather) to set up a blind date for Spock with Jim Kirk, the son of an old friend and also a cadet at the academy.

 I'd be very interested to see someones take this and have fun with it. :)

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, McCoy

Cannedebonbon drew a beautiful picture of Spock in a geisha costume We both agree that this would make a wonderful story. Historically, men were the original geisha's and I would like to see a fic where Spock, was perhaps stolen as a child from his prominent family and sold to a geisha house in another province. James Kirk is captain of the Enterprise, a western ship on an exploratory mission to open trade with Japan.

What I'd like:

  • Bottom Spock, please, with lots of angst and some h/c sprinkled in.
  • Geisha's are entertainers, not whores. I would like to see Jim misunderstand the roll of a geisha and Spock sets him straight.
  • Sarek is the minister/lord chosen to facilitate the trade agreement and hires Spock (unknowing that he's the son that was kidnapped from him years ago) the most prominent geisha in the land.
  • Spock's parentage is discovered and in order to save his families honor, he leaves with his lover (Kirk) to go back to the west. With homosexuality bringing a death sentence in Europe, he continues to dress and act geisha. None of the crew (except for McCoy) know that he's a male.

*Bonus for Sybok (Sarek's older son from a previous marriage) being behind the kidnapping plot to ensure his place as heir and in revenge for Sarek setting aside his mother in favor of Amanda, a western woman that was the sole survivor of a shipwreck.

*Bonus for Kirk trying to seduce his geisha and winds up falling in love. **Double bonus for the feeling being mutual.

*Bonus for it to be illegal for Spock to handle weapons, but surprising his aggressors/assassins with martial arts (neck pinch?)

*Bonus for McCoy finding out Spock is male from having to give him medical aid. How surprised his is, is up to you.

*Bonus for a touching and emotional scene between father and son at their reunion and again at their parting.

That's what I'm hoping for, but I'll be just as happy with any kind of Geisha Spock fic. I know writing is hard work, but making it historical is even harder, so however this comes out, the author will have earned a lifetime of virtual hugs from me. :)

Please check out Cannedebonbon's drawing for inspiration.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Amanda, Chris Pike, Gary Mitchell, McCoy, Sarek, Scott

I've been watching the TOS episode The Gamesters of Triskelion and I was wondering what it would be like if Kirk had lost the wager and his crew was enslaved as thralls. Kirk is severely wounded, but his provider spares his life because he likes the captain's spirit and wants to turn him out to stud.

All of the providers are impressed with McCoy's skills at healing when he saves Kirk from almost certain death and they see the implication of getting the most out of their property. Like Galt, they make him an impartial non-combatant.

I would prefer a slash story with Kirk and Spock in an established relationship before the abduction to Triskelion. I'm not picky about the universe, it could be TOS or reboot.

  • How does a pacifistic Vulcan survive not only slavery, but being forced to kill for another beings entertainment?
  • How does a bonded Vulcan handle being kept away from his mate and knowing that said mate is being forced into sexual situations with females for the purpose of breeding?
  • How would the crew handle their enforced slavery at the instigation of their beloved captain?
  • How would a captain who is so conscientious over the safety of his crew survive knowing that their lives and their freedom are forfeit because of him?

That's all I can think of, so I'll leave the rest to whoever else likes what-ifs as much as I do.

Categories: Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, McCoy, Scott, Sulu, Uhura

I'd like to see a slash AU based on The Italian Job with lots of angst, romance, and intrigue.  I'd also like to see a charming, but still take-charge Jim and a vulnerable, but not-girly bottom Spock.  Either Reboot or TOS - authors choice with:

  • Kirk - the planner
  • Spock - the safe-cracker
  • Scotty - the gadget and explosives expert
  • Sulu - the getaway specialist
  • Chekov - the computer and systems expert
  • Pike - Spock's mentor


There is a faction on Vulcan that is planning on taking over the government, throwing out Surak's precepts, turning their back on the Federation, and taking the planet back to a system of warlords and feudal clans.  The coup is being backed by the Romulans and Sarek found out about it.  He was assassinated for his knowledge, but not before he got a message off to his son.  The message spelled out the danger and the name of the leader, but without proof, Spock, a security consultant for LLoyd's of Terra, can't warn his government.  On his own and using his family's wealth to finance the venture, he finds the best thieves in the galaxy to aid him in securing the proof from the culprit's heavily fortified compound.

* Bonus points for Spock being disturbed by his attraction to Jim and for Jim to charm the pants off of him figuratively and literally.

* Bonus points for H/c Spock.

* Bonus point for Bones being included in the cast.


I really loved the movie and if you can figure out a way to transfer it into the Star Trek universe you will have my eternal gratitude as well as a bribe of Triple Chocolate Brownies.


Categories: Fiction Characters: Chapel, Chekov, Chris Pike, Gaila, McCoy, Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura