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When Jim and Spock got together, everyone thought Jim wasn't being serious and would hurt Spock. So he got talked by almost everyone he knew: Uhura, Pike, even McCoy.

Jim, they said, don't hurt Spock. You know yourself, right?

Only the older Spock, far far away on the new vulcan, smiled to Jim and wished him happy.

Jim knew in another universe he and Jim were a very happy couple. So were him and his Spock, he thought. Just they were both much younger. They haven't learned to compromise, to give up a little of themselves for love. Though they would argue, would fight, would start the childish cold war, Jim felt he couldn't be happier in his whole life.  This was the first time in his life he felt loved and he wouldn't exchange it with anything. He started to learn how to love one's beloved, by changing,  by giving, by being the one always willing to compromise more.

Several months later, a mission went terribly wrong. Due to the difficult situation and part to Jim's impulsiveness Spock always disagreed, a mission rescuing captives kidnapped by a pirate ship failed. Several vulcans died. The ship escaped. Jim blamed himself.  Spock blamed himself and Jim. He couldn't get over this and started to think he and Jim didn't belong to the same path. They followed totally different rules. Mightbe he made the wrong decision to end the relationship with Uhura. Mightbe he let his undeniable physical attraction to Jim cloud his logic after all.

Spock decided to break up with Jim. Jim begged him, but no use. He understood the failure of mission was one of the reasons Spock couldn't accept him, but the fact that Spock never stopped weighing his decision between Uhura and Jim just hurt him deeply.  (But Spock didn't go back with Uhura. He knew he had no feelings for her any more. )

The Enterprise sent the vulcans' bodies back to the new colony.  Jim felt deeply ashamed and wept before Selek. Selek regretted Spock's decision and said, in this universe, maybe it's too early for the two of you to meet. You both are too young and need more time.

The words made Jim's inside break. And Spock went all official and detached with him. He felt he was slowly dying by every day.  Maybe he couldn't belong to anyone, maybe it's his destiny to be alone.  And he sure learned his humility.

One year later,  the five year mission ended with Enterprise back to earth. Jim never stopped trying to track the escaped pirate ship after the tragedy. He finally got the faint clue where the ship might be and decided to go hunt the ship. He knew Spock was going to new Vulcan and he waited outside of his house to say farewell to him.

After Jim was gone, Spock felt anxious by no reasons and knew there's something going on with Jim. He couldn't deny himself he never stopped caring and loving Jim.

He accidentally found Jim's bold plan. He refused to go back home with his father and went after Jim.

Jim had intended to check out the hideout of the ship and confirm first, then go call the authority. But he got caught by the pirates and was badly beaten.  He just thought himself really stupid and might never see the sun, the earth and Spock again, when Spock suddenly appeared and saved him. The pirates were all put under the force of the authority.

They went back home. Jim wouldn't let go Spock's hands in his unconciousness. When he woke up, he supprised to find Spock still at his bedside.

In the following days, they talked,  they forgave each other, they laughted at their silliness and cried over their loss. They made love, and expected the new five-year mission together.

*Must:  sexual scenes(yes, plural!) and Bottom Jim

*Bonus: 1. the longer, the better!

 2. Angst. It's legal to break hearts here.

 3. Please don't make Spock cruel, because he's not. He has his reasons and they are both young.

I really wanna see in the new universe with much younger characters, there might be a possiblity that they are being foolish, and they just need more time and going through much more to have love. But they're thy'la, which is the truth that can't be changed in any universe.


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