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When my mom was in labor with me, my dad asked her to hurry up so he could get home to watch Star Trek.  Great start, huh?  I grew up watching Trek reruns in the '70's and always loved it.  I got into it more when I was a teenager (at the time the movies were going on) and attended conventions (with said dad) back in the '80's.  I tried watching TNG, but was disappointed in the quality of the relationships between the characters.  The relationships between the Big Three are just amazing.  Plus, even as a kid, I thought there was something going on between Kirk and Spock.  Silly me, I thought it was just me.  ;)

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I was watching the Wrath of Khan the other day and remembered something that’s bothered me for a long time. David mentions that Kirk has never faced death and Kirk agrees. Saavik mentions it earlier (even in front of McCoy) and no one disputes it. This is complete bullshit to me. Kirk has seen the deaths of lovers, friends, family, gazillions of crewmembers and thousands of people on Tarsus IV. I think he himself was declared dead something like four times in TOS. He has never taken death easily, has grieved for nameless red-shirted crewmen and avoided killing even those who wish to kill him. The idea that he’s never faced death is ridiculous. The ONLY thing that’s different about death in TWOK is that the particular death in question is Spock’s death.

I’d like to see an angsty fic discussing how “I’ve never faced death,” only means “I’ve never faced Spock’s death”. Bonus points awarded for some history of Kirk & Spock’s relationship between the first and second movies. Super shiny bonus points for discussing what Spock was REALLY trying to tell Kirk on his birthday and why Spock wasn’t at Kirk’s apartment on his birthday.  Extra sparkle bonus love for discussion of what, if anything, happens to the t'hy'la bond on Spock's death in TWOK.  Lemony flashbacks would be awesome.

If there’s a fic out there that deals with something like this and/or this has been written in some fashion, please let me know.

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I don't know if I've seen this before, but I may be wrong.  During Amok Time, McCoy timely administers his shot to Kirk, causing him to appear dead.  During the attempted strangulation, however, Spock injures Kirk's spinal cord, crippling him.  How you take it from there is up to you and whether he recovers is your choice, but Kirk needs to spend time in that weird "wheelchair" contraption that Pike was in in the original series.

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