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I love angsty Academy fics. Would like to see:

- Kirk as an Instructor (He can be the youngest instructor in Starfleet history if you want to keep in character about Jim being a GENIUS). He surprisingly strict instructor, but thorough and a good teacher. He can have a bit of a reputation with recently graduated cadets....

- Spock - a cadet - as his student. Prudish (with secret desiiiiires) and finding human's distasteful, at first! I don't want Spock to feel like he's being bullied (no more victim-Spock, lol). Want plenty of love for the Vulcan by human's ^^ In fact, it can seem like Kirk is the only human who ISN'T infatuated with him (or is he =p)

- Bit of Uhura bashing

- McCoy as a proud parent, gushing about how effing fantastic it is to have a daughter, whilst Jim's rolling his eyes in the background.

In regards to story, would like to see:

- Plenty of angst

- Spock not liking his instructor at first (possibly finding his teaching methods unorthodox?)

- Spock warming up to Kirk under Kirk's charms.

- Like to see Kirk trying to ignore his rather attractive Vulcan student (which seems to fuel Spock's lust even more).

- There has to be something dramatic that brings them together (NOT a disease, or an injury.)

- Has to have a happy ending

- PLENTY OF SPIRK. Hotter the better, though this needs to be gradual with K/S. Make Kirk have plenty of partners before Spock if you want.  Adult rating is a must.

- Mostly I want to see two dominate males who are reluctant to submit to the other (though Spock eventually folds).



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