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1. Amanda Warrington

This is a story where Jim and Kirk spent time with the other Spock spot prime and come together a lot sooner.

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I absolutely fucking love this FANFIC truly. It is going in my favorites and I will probably read it more I have so marathon this Fic over the last couple days. It had everything action adventure drama the feelings I am I have said this before on many reviews. I am not usually a very big fan of alternate universe Fanfiction's I am not usually very big on Fanfiction's that deviate extremely extremely away from Canon mainly because it's been my experience that they get so ridiculous I can't see them fitting in the world it also makes it harder for me to follow them however for an alternate universe fic this is one of the best non-canon works I have ever read for any fandom where the characters are used in a different way you made everything different but yet you still The essence of who the characters are there personalities believable you didn't have An Kirk overly feminine or a ridiculously naïve Spock or other things where people have turned one or more the characters into overly thin feminine dramatic drama queens or whatever you manage to keep the character personalities OnPoint no pun intended and still make your own story and not only that but your story the EPA's Spock being in it did of Starfleet at first when I first read it I can close the be like no don't know about this but something told me to stick with it and I did and it was very awesome I love the whole concept I truly truly hate to see this universe this fic come to an end because I could actually read is equal where they go on some other type of mission or something the chemistry between the characters that you've created a lot of them being your own characters original characters is awesome and yet you managed to do it without making them Mary Sue's which is awesome I love your original characters which is also something that very rare for me usually I can't stand original characters very often but you have a talent in the way you did yours it was a great joy to read this FANFIC I'm not gonna lie there were parts where I was actually talking back to the computer screen whenever Kirk and Spock were injured especially when they had to separate. I could actually feel my heart beating faster as I was reading when Kirk and Spock pulled off that incredible save for Sulu. I come across this Fanfiction in my perusal of all completed work so I haven't had a chance to see if you have any other works I want to congratulate you for creating such a wonderful Fanfiction and for making it a length which is also enjoyable to read I personally am not one of this people who likes to read a whole lot of one shots in fact I won't even bother to open a FANFIC even if it says it's finished if it's under a thousand words because to me that's just can get me started on idea and I'm going to be very disappointed when it ends. I know it is been sometime since you wrote the story and I know that this archive has a little bit of age to it so I do not know if you will see this review if you do like I said thank you for an absolutely entertaining read I feel like this could actually be a published side novel of some sort course you know they don't actually fully acknowledge the concept of T'hy'la I wish they would because it's not the 1960s anymore but they don't so that's highly unlikely. I also want to mention that I fully enjoyed the character of Lieut. Ho Ash although I don't or rather did not enjoy the fact that she got injured I found it incredibly entertaining that you found a way to allow her character to continue as a significant part of the story even though she was disabled and not able to continue her original position the fact that you made it clear that she could still be a tactical officer and be wheelchair can find was very entertaining to me also as I am personally wheelchair I thought the whole concept was very enjoyable I like that you use the concept of Vulcan strength to be able to make her be a part of saving the situation thank you for wonderful Fanfiction :-)-ldyjulanna