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Favorite Authors
1. Amanda Warrington
2. CMM

methinks invented the need-a-good-laugh-or-cry category!

3. Corpus Invictus
4. eimeo
5. Fugitive
6. Greywolf the Wanderer

thank you, the boyiss, your sehlats and weasels!

7. isabol
8. Jenna Hilary Sinclair

beautiful prose, practically poetry; knowledgeable, fascinating, and clear scientific description; love woven through all; and never-failing can't-put-it-downedness--thank you Jenna!

9. Leslie Fish
10. mattmetzger
11. Saavant

Everything. The gamut. From steamy as pea soup to falling-off-the-chair laughing. Great.

12. Syn Ferguson
13. TDazz
14. titC

oh right there is a place for general comment--forgot where it was--as I said, the Queen of Bittersweet! Wonderful!

15. Vera

I'm still bending my mind around timelines and universes mostly since ST XI. Your stories reflect this new reality so well.

And--re the "hotness"...indeed.