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I’ve been a fan of Star Trek TOS and Kirk and Spock since I was a kid in the 70’s, even then gravitating toward the more H/C episodes!  I eventually found out about K/S and went aha! And have enjoyed being in the fandom to one degree or another ever since.

I did not start writing K/S until the summer of  2013 - even though it was my first ever 'slash' obsession.  Perhaps it was a bit too daunting.

Through the years I discovered and enjoyed other fandoms like The Sentinel, Due South and Torchwood. 

I wrote a long series of connected stories in the Due South fandom, featuring Benny and “the real” Ray.  If you are interested, those stories can be found at the address below.  I don't think you need to be familar with Due South to enjoy.    

Dimitri "Dee" Gilles


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