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Update, September, 2018:  I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy on September 21st; in the coming weeks, I'll be having chemotherapy.  Given that I have ongoing chronic illnesses that already sap my energy, I will probably be unable to reply to comments until I'm finished with chemotherapy.  But please keep leaving them!  A thoughtful comment on one of my stories really gives me a lift, and I SO need that right now.

My pen name is intended to be truth in advertising. :-)

I'm a middle-aged woman who's loved Star Trek in general and Mr. Spock in particular since 1969, when I was 11. I'm a Kinsey 5, but I'd make an exception for Spock. :-)

(I have no connection with; I didn't know that person existed when I chose this pen name, and I apologize for any confusion.)

I have a chronic illness, which limits my ability to do things. Some days, my illness limits me a little; other days, it limits me a lot. I do intend to finish all of the stories I've started, and I do intend to answer most of the comments I get. Because of my illness, I can't always do so as quickly as I would like, however. I apologize to anyone I've disappointed.

I have two challenges up on this site; I'd love it if someone would write either "Lost in the Crowd of Your Friends" or " A Better Captain Through D/S."

Although I do write stories where Kirk and Spock are lovers, I almost never write M/M sex. I'm mostly a lesbian, myself, so male bodies don't interest me much, and I can't properly convey the enthusiasm that the boys would have for the activity. :-)

I focus on the emotional aspects, which tend to be the ones I find most interesting, anyway. Did I mention that I'm a licensed clinical psychologist in real life? Yeah, a Vulcan mind meld is my all-time favorite fantasy ... to see what's really IN another person's mind. *sigh*

My non-K/S Star Trek stories can be found at AO3.



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