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Hello all. my real (but incomplete) name is Raelynn Knight. i'm 15, i live in a small town in Florida that's overrun by nudists and rednecks.

I'm smart, i'm weird, i'm obsessive, i'm vegan, i'm pansexual, i play guitar and, sometimes, i write.

Normally i read and write bandslash almost exclusively but Star Trek is one of my few exceptions. Lastly, i'm better at catching others' mistakes than catching my own. from that sentence draw two things: i'm a pretty okay beta (and feel free to hit me up, even if we're strangers), but most of my work is unedited, so don't use it as a benchmark for my grammatical prowess.

On another note, i'm in the International Baccalaureate program (think AP on crack), so "free time" is not a concept i'm familiar with. if i don't update for a while, it's not that i've lost interest, it's that homework is kicking my ass.

Beta-reader: Yes
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