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I'm trying to recover from the crapfest of the in name only ST: Discoteque and am so happy that a place exists where I can find a ton of new stuff that embodies the mission and spirit of the real Star Trek.

I can't take anymore of the shit masquerading as my favorite show. The Michael Burnham Hour makes me sick to my stomach. So do her shills, I mean, fans, who spam up the internet with reviews and articles that say "Princess Mike *is* Spock, but soooo much better than he could ever be Spock. Princess Mike is like OMG the best Vulcan! She's sooooo awesome you guys!"

Who'd have thought the time would be that I'd miss Braga and Berman? WTF?

Any-who, that's enough ranting for now.

I'm off to read some more great stuff here on the archive and save my soul.

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