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It has been awhile since I have updated my fics here and I appologise. I am still working on them and hope to update them soon. I know it is hard to wait on a fic so I appolgise in advance for that, but I want it to be a story worth reading, something you'll enjoy and want to re-read over and over. I am thinking on re-writing parts of A Trick or Eros and potentially adding some new chapters to it. I am also working on the new chapter of A Matter for Ma'at and once it is done will have it posted. After that I will likely not post anymore of A Matter for Ma'at until I have it done. That way I can update them faster.

Please feel free to comment here, on my LJ or on my Facebook page (Kat Dreamwind). If you have questions I will galadly answer them, and my FB page is regularly updated on which fics I am working on and estimates on when they'll be done.

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This is a pon farr story. The first appearance of the double ridges. Probably completed in 1976. First published in The Sensuous Vulcan.

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Summary: One Wing and its sequels.
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Crossover Fandom: ST:TNG, ST:TOS Original Universe
Genres: K/S plus K/other or S/other
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