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I started writing K/S when I was about 13, in 1974. I had grown up watching TOS as it came out, and I always loved writing, so when adolescence hit, it was only natural to start seeing my old friends as sexual people.

I didn't live anywhere that fanfic was prominent, or even available. However, the internet, fantastically, was born. In around 1998 I realized I wasn't alone in the universe, and started lurking on ASCEM. In 1999 I put up my first fanfic, "The Vacation". A fellow fen, Greywolf the Wanderer, wrote a sequel, and I was launched.

I had thirty or so stories on ASCEM, plus miscellaneous bits like TSU contributions, GTKYs and Rude Persons. Then, life required me to leave the Caribbean and move to the Middle East, a place devoid of most fun practices, I have found. I still wrote for my own fun, but publishing was completely illegal.

Then some fantastically clever person invented the VPN. Not a few weeks after I figured that out, I was shocked to receive a message from Amanda Warrington, who sent a brave email asking if I was the Rae who wrote k/s.

I am forever grateful to her for her courage in reaching out, and her incredible help in posting my stories. The world is a better place, thanks to her... for me, and probably for others. I think I'll start writing again!

I still live in the Middle East but I now live in hope.

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