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22, Female, Michigander, co writer, Star Trek lover of everything that has to do with Kirk and Spock...and McCoy, digs the original series and motion pictures involved with such, loves Pine and Quinto as much as Shatner and Nimoy, fascinated by out of towners, and desperately terrible at writing stories alone.
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Series by killajokejosie

The life and times of Spock and Kirk as they discover they love each other and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep everything in line. On the way they get married, have children, and battle the universe and, more importantly, Starfleet. And this is all with the help of McCoy, Uhura, and the gang.

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Categories: Fiction
Characters: Chekov, McCoy, Original Character(s), Sarek, Scott, Sulu, Uhura
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Genres: Kirk-Spock Friendship, Kirk/Spock Slash
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Specific movie: None
Story Type: Action/Plot, Angst, Erotica, First Time, Fluff, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, MPREG, Romance
Trope (OPTIONAL): None
Universe: Abrams Universe
Warnings: Caveat lector/Choose Not to Warn
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