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+ Female
+ Politically liberal and morally ambiguous (I don't, however, view the two as synonymous; that's just me)
+ A complete grammar Nazi
+ Anal-retentive to the extreme
+ About to enter college
+ An occasional writer of fic

Unless situations drastically change, everything I write will be set in the 'verse established by the newest Star Trek film (the one directed by JJ Abrams). This isn't because I have anything against the original series; on the contrary, I enjoy watching it and catch reruns when I have a chance, though I am by no means an expert on the canon as presented in it. I simply find a stronger attraction to the K/S pairing in a romantic view as the new film depicts it. In other words: I respect and appreciate the pairing's roots, but prefer to dabble in the canon that made me first see it and really go, "I want to write about that."
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