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Starshadow is a 60+ artist, writer, Wiccan elder, psychic and medium, as well as long time sf fan and Star rek, original flavor, fan. She has been an artist all her life (art can be found at ) and has K/S to thank for learning the craft of writing. Starshadow's fanfiction has won numerous Golden O's and appeared in several well-known fanzines both alone, and with Jeanne Marie Sosa, herself no slouch at creative ventures.

She is currently working on original fiction under the nym of Astrid Varjo, which is sidewways Finnish for "Starshadow". Her first novel, entitled Touching Entropy, will be published soon--watch for announcements on Starshadow's Facebook page.

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Series by Starshadow

My take on what happened behind what was seen on camera, in the original series.

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