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I'm almost old, Italian, and I lurk a lot to find well written/kinky/humorous fics to translate in my own language. I try to avoid fluff (I want porn!), but sometimes it is inevitable. I also try to avoid long fics and I don't translate WIP (but I never say never). And… ok, I'm obsessive about translating every word/expression/phrase (or, at least, adapting them when they suck in Italian). If the author used them, it's 'cause the author wanted them, right? Anyway, just so you know about my modus operandi: • I'll always ask your permission first (and give you the names of other authoresses of 'mine' -if you want to check me out-); • if you don't answer me, I'll ask again (so, if you don't want a translation, you'd better tell me 'NO' strightaway); •"good translation" is better than "fast translation", so it'll take me ages. I'm slow and I don't have much time. But sooner or later I'll finish it; • I have a wonder!beta (she's obsessive, too); • I'll inform you when the story is published (and where -with links-); • I'll translate all the comments received and send them back to you (but if you don't care much about them let me know, 'cause translating from Italian to English is harder); • if you need the translations for your own archive (or site/LJ/etc. -just tell me where you put them-), I'll send you the translations' files; • sooner or later, the translations of your fics will end up also on my LiveJournal, which is for Friends of Age only. That's all I can think about for now. Cheers! LilyJ. PS: lately I've been wondering why it seems that English speaking people doesn't accept negative criticism. They blow up in rages, covering their ears and start yelling that I'm stupid 'cause I don't understand their oh-so-fine art. Come on, are you serious? To me that's just pathetic.

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