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Heyo! Welcome!

You can call me Jade, and I'm 18 years old.

So, technically, I'm new to the Star Trek fanfiction. I was a total Trekkie when I was younger (maybe around 10) but then I got out of it. With the release of the 2016 film 'Star Trek: Beyond' I am finally back in baby!

I'm not big on romance, but if it's written well (which seems to be all of the fanfiction written on here), I don't mind it. My favourite trope is the death of Kirk. I'm sorry, I'm partial to main character deaths okay? Which might be why - out of all of the AOU films - 'Into Darkness' is the best in my opinion.

I might not write actual fanfiction for a while because I still need to explore Kirk and Spock as characters in literature, but I'm always thinking of new plots and ideas. So you might see me on the challenge page a lot.

The tumblr is my personal, but since I'm re-entering this fandom, there isn't any Star Trek on there so far.

I think that's all for now!

Live long and prosper!

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Talal by WitchAvenger Rated: Mature Content (Teen) [Reviews - 0]

They hoped and they tried, so very hard. But all of their efforts were in vain. Captain James T. Kirk’s luck finally ran out.


Talal is Vulcan for 'the act of finding; something that is found, especially an unexpectedly valuable discovery (noun)'

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[Report This] Published: 08/26/2016 Updated: 09/01/2016