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Back when I was 12 years old I found this old series on tv, that said it was the original which came before Star Trek Next Generation (which all my family was into). I watched it for a while and sensed there was a connection between Kirk and Spock. At the time I had been fascinated with the sense of love between two male characters, and these two fit that pattern. I was fascinated with their words and what they expressed, and often attempted to recite their on-screen scenes in my head, and sometimes add in a few scenes of my own imagining (I'm not a native English speaker, but English has become my language of thought nonetheless - I think in English). I proceeded to forget about them for a long time, until in 2008 a re-run of "Generations" reminded me of the old tv show. In the meantime I discovered and learned a lot more about everything (what fanfiction is, that there are others who write it constantly and have done so for a long time, that soul-based relationships do exist, how we project our creative side, etc), so I could return with a more distinct passion - which I did, so here I am. :) It's too complex to state what everything means to me and how it's all interlaced - I'll do that here and there, in comments, reviews, in my artwork and in emails. I write longish ones! 

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